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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will be an attractive, accessible, and safe campus. Recent landscaping has greatly improved the appearance of the campus, but much remains to be done. It is still difficult to navigate the campus by car and on foot, making improved signage and the redesign of campus entrances high priorities for welcoming visitors. Improved parking and transportation will alleviate annoyance.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Develop a plan to improve the accessibility of all campus academic and recreational facilities for students and staff with disabilities. Address areas, such as the South Campus buildings and Staller Center theaters, that are not in compliance with ADA requirements. Improve Disabled Student Services facilities. (6.1, Vice President for Administration; Vice President for Student Affairs)

Stony Brook's Capital Plan for 1998-2003 includes a comprehensive review of the accessibility of campus buildings. This planning project, scheduled for completion in 2004, will guide the design of construction projects to make the campus ADA-compliant. In summer 2002, the Office of Disabled Student Services will move to improved facilities in the Educational Communications Center.

Design a new campus map that is readable, useful for non-native English speakers, and tested for utility. Personal copies of the map should be readily available in several locations around campus. (6.2, President; Vice President for Administration)

A new campus map is being designed. Distribution is planned for fall 2002.

Expand University Hospital's Emergency Department parking lot. Install a covered walkway between the hospital and its parking garage. (6.3, Director, University Hospital; Vice President for Administration)

A walkway from the parking garage is incorporated in plans for the hospital's new front lobby and entrance, scheduled for completion in 2006. Plans for additional parking will be included in the redesign and expansion of Emergency Department.

Post parking policy in each lot as well as in loading zones or "state vehicles only" spaces. Include information about when regulations are not enforced, so that drivers do not have to guess. (6.3, Vice President for Administration)

New parking lot signs are being designed as part of a comprehensive project to upgrade on-campus signage. The new signs will include enforcement information and a Web site address providing information on parking fines, ticket appeal procedures, and other policies.

Continue to improve campus appearance. Develop and begin implementing comprehensive plans for creating and maintaining attractive campus landscaping and improving the exteriors of campus buildings to give the campus a more attractive, consistent, and well-maintained appearance. The landscaping plan should include more pleasant, well-defined outdoor venues for use by student and staff groups, and tree planting in key areas such as South P Lot. As these plans are implemented, create and publicize an annual list of top-priority campus appearance improvement projects to be completed within the year. Identify additional ways to involve the campus community in improving campus appearance. (6.4, Vice President for Administration)

Comprehensive planning for improving campus appearance continues with further redesign of the central campus. Complete re-landscaping of the Staller Center Plaza will begin in summer 2002, and plans are complete for the reconfiguration of the main entrance. Projects being completed as top priorities for 2001-02 include further beautification of campus entrances, landscaping around the new Ambulatory Surgery Building, and cleanup and new plantings at University Hospital. Community input has increased with the establishment of new Green Team gardens.

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