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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will have a strong infrastructure to support teaching and research. The campus will have excellent libraries and first-rate information systems. Administrative structures and processes will be efficient and effective, and working conditions will attract and retain a strong professional and support staff.

2001-2002 PROJECTS

Develop a plan to significantly improve collections and staffing in University libraries. (4.1, Provost; Dean of Libraries; Director, Health Sciences Center Library)

In summer 2002 the West Campus Libraries will complete a strategic plan addressing the Five Year Plan goal of improving library collections and staffing to achieve parity with peer institutions and improving library services, especially for students. The plan will focus on the library as manager of a wide variety of electronic and print information resources. It will utilize the results of a faculty survey completed in spring 2002 to gather information on library usage and assess satisfaction with library services. Recent developments contributing to the planning goal include the addition of almost 1000 electronic journal titles and new databases in a number of disciplines, opening a state-of-the-art Music Library, and a new online catalog that provides Web access to the Library's holdings, including links to the full text of many journals.

The HSC Library has completed a plan for improvements including establishing a complete collection of high-demand journals, creating a Center for Healthcare Informatics Education, expanding student computing facilities, developing new electronic services, upgrading circulation-management services, and increased staffing. Implementation will depend on funding.

Develop a flexible, University-wide strategy to provide cost-effective client support to all computer users, including routine services and emergency assistance. The plan should support both units that rely on centralized systems and those that have developed their own computing networks to meet specialized needs. (4.2, Chief Information Officer)

The Division of Information Technology has developed a strategy for identifying the types of support needed by different types of campus users, the support currently available, and opportunities for improved efficiency. Departmental needs will be identified and filled as budgets permit, and improved coordination will ensure that departmental computer-support personnel benefit from the specialized expertise of DoIT staff.

Provide adequate and reliable staffing in SINC sites and other public computer facilities to increase their hours of operation. (4.2, Chief Information Officer)

Recent additions permit the Melville Library SINC site to stay open for nine hours on Sunday, and the Computer Science site to stay open until midnight three nights a week and until 2:00 a.m. two nights a week. The new SINC site in the Student Union provides an additional 70 machines in a location convenient for students. Instructional Computing trains the student employees who staff the SINC sites to ensure they can meet users' needs. New assessment procedures monitor the training's effectiveness.

Redesign and reorganize the campus Web site to support all aspects of the academic mission. Make the site easily negotiable by all potential users, including prospective students, current students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community. Include "of interest to the community" and "of interest to the business community" links. (4.3, President)

The redesigned University home page and first-level pages were launched in December 2001. The new format is easy to navigate and addresses the needs of a diverse audience. Links for "Businesses" and "In the Greater Community" facilitate access to resources of interest to these groups.

Create and maintain an up-to-date and informative online event calendar. (4.3, President; Chief Information Officer; Vice President for Student Affairs)

The redesigned University website includes a readily-accessible calendars page that highlights selected events and includes calendars for athletics, the Staller Center, special events, and diversity activities, as well as the general online events calendar. An upgrade to the online calendar system scheduled for summer 2002 will improve user access.

Ensure that staff performance programs are current and performance evaluations are timely and effective. Performance programs should be updated to reflect changes in duties and responsibilities, including those resulting from the Five Year Plan. (4.6, Vice President for Administration)

To monitor the timely completion of performance evaluations, Human Resources Services created quarterly reports to vice presidents' and deans' administrative coordinators identifying the staff members for whom evaluations are due. Human Resources Services provides training sessions for supervisors to assist them in effective evaluation and performance planning. The annual update of performance programs and evaluations incorporates changes in job duties and responsibilities.

Expand programs that highlight staff excellence and reward outstanding achievement. (4.6, Vice President for Administration; President)

A Retiree Dinner program will begin in March 2003 to celebrate the contributions of retirees; professional development activities are now rewarded with certificates of completion, and several additional awards are planned. Awards for "Special Achievement by a Team" and "Departmental Best Practices" are under discussion, and a University Diversity Fellow program will acknowledge the contributions of Diversity Volunteers at a presidential reception. Centralizing on the Web information about existing programs and offering employees the opportunity to submit suggestions for new awards will further enhance the rewards program.

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