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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will provide excellent graduate education and postdoctoral programs in a supportive environment. Many graduate students and post-graduates come to Stony Brook from elsewhere and find it difficult to integrate into University life. In order to attract and retain people of the highest quality, the University will provide first-rate academic programs, competitive stipends, and good working and living conditions. Strong orientation and training programs will improve graduate students' experience and increase their success.

2000-2001 PROJECTS

Assess housing conditions for graduate students, including a review of whether administrative procedures in University apartments are responsive to their special needs. Develop a plan for improvements, including the possibility of using housing at Brookhaven National Laboratory. (2.4, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice President for Student Affairs)

A management consulting group conducted focus groups to assess housing conditions in the Chapin and Schomburg Apartments and collect suggestions for improvement. As a result, administrative office hours were expanded by over 50%, professional staffing was increased in the Schomburg Apartments, and a Welcome and Orientation Seminar was developed to provide all new residents with information regarding community living and orient them to campus services and resources. Immediate plans for improving graduate student housing focus on a full renovation of the Chapin Apartments, which was begun in spring 2001 for completion in three years. To support further planning, a telephone survey of graduate students, medical students, and hospital residents was conducted in spring 2001, gathering information about their housing experiences and demand for additional on-campus space. The use of housing at Brookhaven National Laboratory is not a viable alternative. Very limited space is available; students could only use it for a few weeks at a time, and security clearance that takes several weeks would be required.

Identify the facilities and services most important to graduate students and establish performance standards and an on-going review process to ensure these services meet their needs. Important areas include housing, office space, food services, and visa processing. (2.4, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice President for Student Affairs)

The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School are convening a coordinating committee to identify issues of concern to graduate students and improve services that fall short of their expectations. The committee will include staff from Student Affairs, the Graduate School, and International Services and representatives from the Graduate Student Organization.

Provide at least two "on call" rooms--each with a telephone, two desks and two beds--in the Health Sciences Center or University Hospital for use by medical students on call at night. (2.4, Vice President, Health Sciences Center; Executive Director, University Hospital)

On-call rooms for medical students will be located in trailers adjacent to University Hospital. Details are being finalized in spring 2001, with installation scheduled for fall 2001. A committee of medical students is working with medical school and facilities staff to ensure the rooms will fulfill students’ needs, including telephones, desks, beds, and dressing space. No appropriate space is available in University Hospital, and safety codes preclude locating on-call rooms in the Health Sciences Center.

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