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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will support and strengthen its excellent faculty. Success is dependent on the imagination and energy of the faculty, and it is essential to encourage, recognize and reward their work. The University will create a family-friendly culture and a community in which faculty feel fairly treated and adequately supported in all their many endeavors. The faculty will be further diversified to more fully reflect the composition of the student body. An initiative to develop the arts at Stony Brook will make the campus a more exciting place for everyone, as well as invigorating the arts and humanities departments.

2000-2001 PROJECTS

Ensure that the policies and procedures governing tenure and promotion value faculty contributions to undergraduate and graduate education, and that they are followed. (3.1, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

The Provost is working with college promotion and tenure committees to ensure that their guidelines and decisions reflect the contributions of faculty to university service and teaching—at both the undergraduate and graduate level—as well as research. The guidelines will be revised if necessary, and committee actions reviewed for compliance. The School of Medicine Faculty Senate is deliberating a proposal to strengthen teaching by creating a clinical educator tenure track to recognize the contribution of clinical faculty to education.

Develop an initiative to increase the number of women faculty in fields where they are significantly underrepresented. (3.3, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

The Provost established an Action Plan on the Report of the Women Faculty Issues Committee that includes increasing the number of women faculty. The Plan includes involving deans’ offices and EEO committees in an active effort to recruit women, offering assistance on a case-by-case basis to departments where women are significantly underrepresented, and conducting an annual review to judge whether the goal of increasing faculty diversity is being met and where targeted efforts are needed.

A study of gender in the Health Sciences Center faculty revealed that the percentage of women in the School of Medicine is above the national average. Women are also fairly represented in the Schools of Health Technology and Management, Social Welfare and Nursing. They appear to be underrepresented in the School of Dental Medicine, and efforts continue to increase the number of female faculty in that school.

Assess the salaries and resource allocation experienced by women faculty to identify inequities and develop a plan for addressing them. (3.3, Provost; Vice President, Health Sciences Center)

The Provost’s Women Faculty Issues Committee reviewed the status of women faculty and made recommendations for redressing past inequities and making Stony Brook a more attractive institution for women faculty. To address salary equity, the Provost has initiated a salary review initiative to identify and remove differences not based on achievement or disciplinary differentials. In addition, deans have been asked to monitor and report annually on the allocation of resources for faculty start-up support, travel, and computer purchases to ensure there is no gender inequity.

A Health Sciences Center salary study found gender equity in the Schools of Health Technology and Management, Nursing, and Social Welfare but some evidence of inequity in the Schools of Dental Medicine and Medicine. Some inequities have been rectified as part of an initiative to increase the salaries of faculty with high research productivity whose compensation is below their national peers. Further action will be taken as funding permits

Designate a coordinator for student programs at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. (3.5, Provost)

The Associate Provost for Educational Initiatives was designated to coordinate and develop collaborative programs and research opportunities for undergraduate students at Brookhaven National Laboratories, working with the Interim Manager of Brookhaven’s Office of Educational Programs. The Dean of the Graduate School is coordinating development of expanded and more systematic education and research opportunities for graduate students. The genetics program offered jointly by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Brookhaven, and Stony Brook is coordinated by a program director elected by the faculty.

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