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Five Year Plan



Stony Brook will offer students an exciting and supportive campus environment. In the past five years, campus life at Stony Brook has improved very noticeably, due to the opening of the Student Activities Center, entry into Division I athletics, and many new initiatives to build community spirit. Several large construction projects underway or in the planning stage will continue this trend. New centers, such as a Wo/Men's Center and an International Student Center, will further enhance campus life and bring different parts of the University community together in shared activities. Planning will also address the facilities needs of commuter and evening students and the increased space needs of existing services, including the Disabled Student Office and the Career Center.

2000-2001 PROJECTS

Establish a Wo/Men's Center. This Center should provide round-the-clock crisis counseling to both women and men on gender-related issues, as well as support groups, outreach programming, and support for internship courses. (5.1, Provost)

The Wo/Men's Center opened in fall 2000. It offers counseling and support groups, conducts outreach activities to raise the visibility of gender-related issues, and provides meeting space for campus groups such as The Feminist Majority and the Center for Womyn's Concerns. The staff includes both undergraduate and graduate interns.

Keep the Sports Complex open for longer hours to expand recreational use pending opening of a new recreation center. (5.2, President)

The Sports Complex is now open until 1:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday during January and February, two hours past usual closing time, and these longer hours will be extended to October and November beginning in fall 2001. There is very little demand for longer hours on Friday and Saturday and outside the winter months. Student access to the Sports Complex for recreation has also been increased throughout the year by reducing the time the facility is rented for special events.

Add more diverse staff to the Counseling Center to facilitate culturally based counseling. (5.3, Vice President for Student Affairs)

An additional Asian clinician and African-American doctoral intern were recruited to increase the diversity of the Counseling Center staff.

Complete the renovation of all campus residence halls. (5.4, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President for Administration)

The renovation of all campus residence halls was completed in January 2001. In addition, four new apartment-style residential buildings, which will house over 500 juniors and seniors, are scheduled for completion by Fall 2001. The apartments will be air-conditioned and fully wired for computer access. Handicapped-accessible apartments will be located on the first floor of each building.

Examine the eight-semester limit on campus residency to ascertain the extent to which it has a disproportionately negative effect on students of color or from low-income backgrounds. Repeal it if it does. (5.4, Vice President for Student Affairs)

Analysis of the eight-semester limit on campus residency does not find a disproportionate effect on students of color. The ethnic distribution of excluded students is similar to the distribution of the undergraduate residence-hall population. Income could not be investigated because adequate data are not readily available. Housing demand estimates indicate there will be residence-hall space in fall 2001 for some students affected by the eight-semester rule, and they have been encouraged to join the housing waiting list.

Enhance residence hall food services and ensure they meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. (5.4, Vice President for Administration)

A comprehensive renovation of residence hall cafeterias is in progress, with H Quad Cafeteria complete, Kelly Cafeteria complete except for minor improvements scheduled for summer 2001, and planning underway for Roth Cafeteria. Service has been enhanced in Kelly with extended late-night and early-morning hours that are very popular with students. To address safety issues, a formal plan is being written to coordinate all internal and external health and safety inspections, as well as disaster planning.

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