policy admin teamPolicy Administration Initiative

October 4, 2013–If a faculty member needs to know the University’s policy on travel, where can it be found? If a staff member has questions about use of campus facilities, is there a policy covering that? Is there a policy governing fundraising? Once a policy is located, how can you find out if it’s still valid? Operational Excellence Policy Administration team is implementing a system designed to make it easier to find answers to all of your policy questions.

Specifically, the team was created to review, assess and organize the manner in which Stony Brook University policies are developed, administered, archived and curated. Its ultimate goal is to create a system that improves access to policies, introduces a standard "best in class" format for updating and developing policies and improves the methods for communicating policies to all members of campus.

Michele Lake, Project Manager from the Office of the Senior VP for Administration, and Marsha Pollard, Associate Chief Academic Officer from the Office of the Provost, are leading the project, which is sponsored by Provost Dennis N. Assanis, PhD, and Senior Vice President for Administration Barbara Chernow.

The Policy team members, Debbie Abbate, Yama Akbar, Phil Doesschate, Tom Farabaugh, Alison Gibbons, Judy Matuk, Jennifer Rossler, Lorraine Rubino, Marrisa Trachtenberg, Laura Valente and Karen Wilk, are drawn from across the campus, including Research, Health Sciences, President’s Office, Provost’s Office, Student Affairs, Audit and Human Resources. The team is divided into four subgroups—Inventory, Format, Software and Website—with each responsible for a different phase of the Policy Administration process.

The Inventory Group will review the 71 policies currently on the University Policy website, which is overseen by the Office of Administration. The group will ascertain which, if any, need updating, and if any are redundant or obsolete.

The Format Group will develop a simple, concise template to ensure consistent policy initiation and formulation procedures for all future policies. This template will be a comprehensive "policy on policies," with easy-to-follow guidelines for every phase of policy development.

The Software Group is charged with identifying and assessing the software programs currently available that are specifically designed to manage the policy needs and requirements of large organizations like Stony Brook. It is charged with ultimately selecting the program, if one is deemed necessary, which will best meet the University's needs.

The Web Group will work with the Division of Information Technology and the University Web team to create a Stony Brook University Policy website that will be intuitive, easily navigable and searchable, and interface seamlessly with the software.

The final step for the Policy Administration team will be to develop a communications plan to inform students, faculty and staff of new policy parameters and procedures.

As milestones are reached, additional updates will be posted.