Operational Excellence Steering Committee

Samuel Stanley Dennis Assanis Peter Baigent Cole W. Camplese
Samuel L. Stanley Jr.,
MD (Chair)

Dennis Assanis
Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs; VP for Brookhaven Affairs
Peter Baigent
VP for Student Affairs; Associate Provost for Enrollment and Retention Management
Cole W. Camplese
VP for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Barbara Chernow Benjamin Hsiao Elaine Crosson Axel Drees
Barbara Chernow
Senior VP for Administration
David O. Conover
VP of the Stony Brook Research Office
Elaine Crosson
VP for External Relations
Axel Drees
Vice Provost for Budget and Planning
Lyle Gomes Lynn Johnson Kenneth Kaushansky Mark Maciulaitis
Lyle Gomes
VP for Finance and Chief Budget Officer
Lynn Johnson
VP for Human Resource Services
Kenneth Kaushansky, MD
Senior VP of Health Sciences; Dean of the School of Medicine
Mark Maciulaitis
Assistant VP for Budget
Yacov Shamash Lauren Sheprow Nancy Squires Charles Taber
Yacov Shamash
VP of Economic Development; Dean, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Lauren Sheprow
Director of Media Relations
Nancy Squires
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Charles Taber
Interim Dean, Graduate School
Michael Schwartz Matthew Whelan    
Frederick M. Walter
Professor of Astronomy; President, University Senate
Matthew Whelan
VP for Strategic Initiatives