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June 2, 2011: Human Resources Initiative Design Team Recommends Changes to Hiring Process

In an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process at Stony Brook University, the Human Resources initiative design team recommended to the Project 50 Forward Steering Committee changes in how Stony Brook screens and hires its employees. In response, the Steering Committee authorized the team to proceed with the acquisition and implementation of an automated job applicant tracking system.

Once implemented, the automated system and recommended changes to the hiring process are expected to enable departments to reduce the time to hire by 30 percent to 50 percent. This will allow critical vacancies to be filled more quickly, enhancing Stony Brook’s ability to attract and recruit the most qualified candidates. The new automated process will remove a significant amount of the paperwork associated with hiring, eliminate non-critical steps, and reduce bottlenecks because certain actions will be performed simultaneously rather than sequentially. The amount of effort required from faculty and staff involved in the process also will be reduced, allowing those hours to be reinvested in core activities such as teaching, research, and developing strategic priorities. 

The automated system will provide those involved in the recruitment process with real time access to recruitment tools and applicant documents. The system also will enable tracking of key metrics that will help evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

In conjunction with the new automated system, the team recommended the distribution of easy-to-use templates for use by personnel involved in the hiring process. These templates will help reduce the time and effort personnel in hiring departments spend to generate documents such as position descriptions, recruitment plans, resume rating tools, interview questions, advertising plans, and diversity statistics; they will also increase the consistency of the hiring process across departments. The team also is developing recommendations for additional training that will be required to support the proposed process.

The team has identified a number of available applicant tracking system solutions and is evaluating each to determine which will meet Stony Brook’s needs most effectively at a reasonable cost. Once this careful evaluation has been completed, the team will recommend a system and an implementation and training plan to the Steering Committee.

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