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March 16, 2011: Team to Seek Input on E-Procurement System

Based on the results of the diagnostic phase of Operational Excellence, which included feedback from faculty and staff focus groups, the Project 50 Forward Procurement Systems Initiative design team is pleased to announce it is working to deploy a new e-procurement system. The team has a diverse membership of faculty and staff from East and West campuses.

The vendor selected to implement the e-procurement system, SciQuest, has a record of success at a wide range of top-tier research universities. Once implemented, the SciQuest solution is expected to generate cost savings for the University both by streamlining the entire procurement process and capturing detailed purchasing data that will help the University to negotiate better pricing with vendors.

When implemented, the new e-procurement system will make ordering faster and easier than ever before, with a unified portal that will initially include State, indirect cost, and Research Foundation fund sources. It will provide users with an online shopping experience similar to that of many popular e-commerce sites as well as include intuitive electronic order approvals and automated accounts payable settlement. The team will work to include the highest-volume vendors in the automated system, and also will provide support for procurement activity outside of these vendors in a digital manner. 

While this project is still in its early stages, the team will reach out to select departments to ask for support and suggestions. For this feedback to be effective, the team will need support from departments with a diverse mix of buying habits. To ensure that the final implemented solution best meets user needs, the team will ask these departments to provide resources to help test the system in its pilot stage. As the project moves toward implementation, the number of departments using the system will increase. The team will also communicate in advance to provide training for users, approvers, and those who need to extract data from the system.

The team values your input. If you have questions or suggestions, contact Mary La Corte in Procurement at

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