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Feb. 3, 2011: Faculty Advisory Council Forms
A faculty advisory group has been created to provide critical input and ensure that recommendations from the Operational Excellence component of Project 50 Forward support the needs of the academic and research community.

The Faculty Advisory Council members are:
  • Lori Escallier, associate dean for administrative affairs and aommunity partnerships; clinical professor, School of Nursing
  • David Ferguson, distinguished service professor of technology and society and applied mathematics and statistics; chair of Technology and Society
  • Robert Kerber, distinguished teaching professor of chemistry
  • Jeffrey Levinton, distinguished professor of ecology and evolution
  • Peter Manning, professor of English; chair of Faculty in the Arts, Humanities, and Lettered Social Sciences
  • Fred Walter, professor of astronomy; president of University Senate

In the design phase of Operational Excellence, the Faculty Advisory Council’s primary responsibilities will be to provide feedback to the Steering Committee on key findings from the initiative design teams and to advise on ways to reach out to the Stony Brook faculty.

The goal of Project 50 Forward is to enhance Stony Brook’s fundamental teaching, research, and service missions. The Operational Excellence component of Project 50 Forward supports this mission by focusing on such non-academic opportunities as streamlining the University’s administrative procedures and operations and optimizing support programs for students, faculty, and staff.

With the launch of Project 50 Forward, Stony Brook is relying on input from all sectors of the Stony Brook community to achieve its goals. If you have suggestions on how Stony Brook can be made more effective and efficient, please contact the Project 50 Forward team.


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