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Jan. 31, 2011: Faculty and Staff Groups Focus on Operational Excellence
This past November five faculty and staff focus groups met and provided feedback on the Operational Excellence component of Project 50 Forward. Each group discussed one of five topics: information technology, administrative services, facilities, procurement, and revenue opportunities. Volunteers were solicited from across the entire Stony Brook community, and 44 faculty members and staff from 32 departments participated in the focus groups.

Some of the participants’ discussions centered on themes such as making Stony Brook’s Wi-Fi network accessible everywhere on campus, streamlining and increasing automation of the hiring process, simplifying procurement, and improving pricing transparency on internal construction projects. 

The focus groups’ input is critical to the next stage of Operational Excellence, the design phase. During the design phase, initiative design teams will develop specific recommendations to improve Stony Brook’s administrative operations and share them with the Operational Excellence Steering Committee for evaluation.

With the launch of Project 50 Forward, Stony Brook is relying on input from all sectors of the Stony Brook community to achieve its goals. If you have suggestions on how Stony Brook can be made more effective and efficient, please contact the Project 50 Forward team.


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