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Operational Excellence Update from the Office of Information Technology

March 5, 2012
In an effort to update and upgrade Stony Brook’s IT infrastructure to address contemporary IT needs for student, faculty and staff, this fall the University will begin implementing a system changeover to Google Apps for Education.

CHris KieltThe decision to migrate to Google Apps for Education is based on the recommendations of a Steering Committee (see below) appointed by President Samuel Stanley. Led by co-chairs Margaret Schedel, Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of the Senate Committee on Information Technology, and Chris Kielt, University Chief Information Officer, the Committee met five times during the fall 2011 semester, initiated a thorough review of the University’s current IT systems, listened to input from students, faculty and staff, reviewed the benefits of various systems and studied their uses at other Universities around the country. The data they collected and reviewed resulted the Committee’s recommendation to President Stanley to adopt Google Apps for Education as the next generation email and collaboration suite system.

Several examples of the committee’s work on campus which led them to recommend migration to Google Apps, showed that:

  • 90 percent of student email addresses in Blackboard pointed to something other than email accounts;
  • The majority of undergraduate and graduate students already use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL; and,
  • In a survey conducted this past fall, 17 percent of faculty reported that they are already using Gmail.

Google Apps will provide modern tools that students, faculty, staff, and researchers need to be successful and competitive in the future. The strong collaboration and capabilities will allow the community of Stony Brook scholars and administrators to work together in a single, easy to use environment that reduces duplication and improves information sharing.  Students, faculty and staff will be able to access their mail from any computer with an Internet connection and enjoy a campus-wide set of shared, innovative communications and collaboration services.

The move to Google Apps is scheduled to begin in July 2012. It will be rolled out to faculty and staff on a department-by-department basis. The goal is to have 100% of students in the new system and 65 percent of Lotus Notes users migrated by the end of December 2012. Lotus Notes will be decommissioned following the migration of email and after applications built in the Domino database system have been migrated to new environments.

Training sessions and online materials will be made available and publicized well in advance of scheduled migration dates. Staff members from the Division of Information Technology will work with users to ensure a smooth transition. For additional information, please send comments or questions to

Steering Committee members:

  • Margaret Schedel, Assistant Professor of Music and Chair of the Senate Committee on Information Technology, Co-Chair
  • Chris Kielt, Chief Information Officer, Co-Chair
  • Wasim Ahmad, Assistant Professor,  School of Journalism
  • Ritwik Bose, Graduate Student, Computer Science
  • Adam DeRosa, Licensing Associate, Technology Licensing and Industry Relations
  • Keri Hollander, University Instructional Specialist, Nursing
  • Minal Kadam, Undergraduate Student, Biology and Linguistics
  • Laszlo Mihaly, Professor and Chair, Physics and Astronomy
  • Pat Miller, Assistant to Vice President, Administration
  • Aimee Pomeroy, Undergraduate Student, Biology; Commuter Student Services
  • Martin Schoonen, Professor, Geosciences
  • Douglas Swesty, Supervising Programmer Analyst,  Physics and Astronomy
  • Edward Testa, Associate Vice President Advancement Services
  • Andrew White, Interim Dean, University Libraries; Director, HSC Library
  • Alice Wong, Graduate Student, Computer Science
  • Erez Zadok, Associate Professor,  Computer Science

Chris Kielt
Chief Information Officer