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Faculty Advisory Council Updated on Automated Employment Applicant Tracking System

At the May 8, 2012, meeting of the Faculty Advisory Council for Project 50 Forward, Lynn Johnson, Vice President of Human Resource Services, and members of the Operational Excellence Program Management Office updated the Council on plans to implement an automated employment applicant tracking system (ATS) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the search and selection process.

The system when combined with improvements will manage the recruitment process — from creating a position description through hiring an employee. The ATS will automate both the initial screening of candidate qualifications as well as communications with candidates during the search process. This will reduce the time and effort required for search committee members and departmental personnel to complete these steps. The University expects these improvements to reduce the time to hire significantly and provide data that will support strategic search and selection decisions (e.g., which advertising media are most effective for particular types of positions).

President Stanley created the Faculty Advisory Council in early 2011 to provide critical input to the Operational Excellence Steering Committee, to advise on ways to reach out to Stony Brook faculty, and to ensure that recommendations from the Operational Excellence component of Project 50 Forward support the needs of the academic and research community.

Stony Brook is relying on input from all sectors of the campus community to achieve the goals of Operational Excellence.
If you have suggestions to make Stony Brook University more effective and efficient, please contact the Project 50 Forward team.

May 8, 2012