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Databases and Links

Find Research Collaborators

SBU Research Interests Database

In the Faculty Interest Profiles database, we gather information which reflects research interests, expertise, career and educational histories, lists of grants received and publications, and keywords. 

This information is available to the campus in a web-based searchable format, with several views and dynamic search features, is a powerful tool for researchers looking to identify collaborators.

Find a SUNY Scholar

The Research Foundation of SUNY has subscribed to the Community of Science for access to Researcher Profiles across all SUNY schools. These can be searched at:

Collaborative Opportunities

Clinical & Translational Science Awards (CTSA)
Lists projects endorsed by a local CTSA for which investigators are seeking collaborators.  Investigators do not need to be at a CTSA institution.

National Organization of Research Development Professionals
This document is a comprehensive list of research grant mechanisms, types, and programs representing collaborative, cross-disciplinary (multi/inter/transdisciplinary) and team-based funding opportunities.
Link: Comprehensive List of Collaborative Funding Mechanisms

Collaboration Success Wizard: Creating successful geographically distributed collaborations
The Collaboration Success Wizard is an on-line diagnostic survey for geographically distributed collaborations. The survey probes factors that may strengthen or weaken the collaboration. The Wizard provides both personal and project-level reports to help build successful and productive collaborative projects.

The Team Science Toolkit
Helps you find and share resources that support the practice and study of team science.  It includes tools to facilitate or support team science initiatives, measures to study or evaluate team science, a team science bibliography, expert directory, blog, listserv, and more.
Link: addresses a broad audience of researchers at multiple career stages, research development officers and administrators, and students and educators interested in conducting and/or facilitating team science in biomedical and clinical sciences. The system enables learners to gain access to information relevant to forming, leading, and evaluating teams that realizes the benefits of a conversation with a human expert.  These e-learning resources have been generously sponsored by grants from the NIH and are free to use and disseminate.