Stony Brook University Office of Research Services
Research Portal

What is the Research Portal?

The Research Portal is a Project50 Forward initiative that allows for Researchers and their administrators to use a single gateway to access a variety of information and applications to manage their research activities at Stony Brook University.  The primary focus of this application is to enable Researchers to go to one single site to view information on their research and connect to the relevant systems  for activities related to hiring, purchasing, training, compliance, proposals and grants.

Researchers and their staff will be able to sign-on to the Portal using the campus NetID and connect to a variety of systems they currently use in all aspects of their research. As the Portal develops, the following systems will be connected to the Portal:

  1. Faculty Profiles:
    Information (such as the CV, research grants, awards and honors, publications, teaching activities, community activities, etc) maintained here will be used to source the Faculty Addendum, Research Interests Database, VIVO, Community of Science, etc. Connect to the Community of Science to find collaborators
  2. Funding Opportunities:
    Browse and Search funding opportunities from a variety of sponsors. Connect to Community of Science to browse funding opportunities. Visit sponsor sites for latest RFPs..
  3. COEUS:
    Connect to COEUS, See detailed reporting and status on proposals submitted.
  4. IRBNet:
    Connect to IRBNet, See status on  studies and protocols submitted for review to CORIHS, IACUC, SCRO and IBC.
  5. Award and Projects:
    See a list of Awards and Projects that are associated with the researcher. See summary and details on transactions on your RF awards and projects. Submit progress reports
  6. HR Transactions:
    See personnel on grants; submit hire requests, change forms, summer salary, independent contractor, graduate student tuitions requests
  7. Purchasing and Travel Reimbursements:
    Submit purchase requisitions through Sciquest/Wolfmart. Submit equipment insurance, travel and other reimbursements.
  8. Training:
    See Training status related to Human Subjects, EHS, Responsible Conduct of Research. Connect to the appropriate training materials.
  9. Licensing and Technology Transfer:
    Submit Technology disclosures and track their status.
  10. Declarations and Approvals:
    Submit and manage conflict of interest disclosures; Submit requests for Export Controls Licenses, Seek Approvals for Foreign Travel requests
  11. Delegate:
    Delegate access to view any of the information or perform any of the activities on the Portal and the connected systems to a staff member or administrator.
  12. News Updates:
    Updates on Policies, procedures and information valuable to the research community will be published to the Portal.

When will the Research Portal go Live?

Currently the Portal is Live as a static web page that provides links to existing information systems and links to paper-based forms. The Research Portal project will be an ongoing initiative with milestones. Systems will be connected to the Portal as and when they become electronic and/or single sign-on ready. 

We have been working with our partner vendors such as RF Business System, Sciquest, IRBNet, COEUS, CITI and others to enable single sign on and data feeds from their systems to the SBU data warehouse. There are continued efforts to make existing paper-based applications and forms into web based systems – such as the Foreign Travel Request, Export Control License Request, etc.

Status and progress updates will continue to be posted to

Who will be working on the Research Portal?

The Research Portal is a collaborative effort between different offices at the University. Led by the Electronic Research Administration (ERA) team – the offices of the Vice President of Research, Administration and Division of Information Technology will be enabling the Portal.

What will happen to existing systems? Will they be replaced?

No, existing systems such as COEUS, IRBNet, Sciquest, etc will continue to remain online. The Research Portal is not replacing any of the existing systems – but connecting them with a central gateway using Single Sign-On (SSO) and reporting dashboards. The Portal will be a junction point of information from these existing systems.

Where do I submit suggestions and feedback?

You can email with any suggestions and feedback you may have regarding the Research Portal.