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Material Transfer Agreement

Agreements governing the transfer of all material(s) from an outside organization to Stony Brook University or from Stony Brook University to an outside organization are handled by OTLIR.

MTAs are executed when proprietary materials are transferred in or out of Stony Brook University.  Whether for inbound or outbound materials, MTAs are critical legal documents that require authorized signatures from the Provider and Recipient Institution(s) to ensure that each party will comply with the terms of the agreement.  MTAs must be properly recorded and appropriately managed for the reasons cited below.

MTA Protocol

Inbound Materials

When an outside Principle Investigator (PI) sends an MTA to a SUNY Stony Brook  PI prior to the exchange or transfer of biological materials the agreement should be emailed to OTLIR at as either a Word or PDF document. Alternatively, in instances when only a hard copy is available, the document may be mailed via campus mail or faxed to the OTLIR at 631-632-1505.  

The OTLIR will promptly review the agreement and inform the PI by phone or e-mail whether or not the agreement can be executed without change. If the original agreement is acceptable, OTLIR will request that the agreement be signed by the PI and sent to the OTLIR electronically at or by campus mail. The OTLIR will execute the MTA promptly and send duplicate copies of the fully executed agreement to the outside institution.

If any part of the agreement conflicts with our PI's academic freedom or violates the SUNY Research Foundations Intellectual Property policy, the OTLIR will negotiate with the outside party to modify the agreement. The PI will be notified when this process is necessary and provided with the estimated time for executing the modified agreement. For the reasons cited above, MTAs from companies require modification more frequently than those from non-profit or academic organizations. In these instances, the negotiation process can be quite extensive thus, we ask for our investigators patience and cooperation when corporate materials are requested.

Outbound Materials

Any request for SUNY Stony Brook materials by an outside party should be sent to the OTLIR at OTLIR will prepare and partially execute the agreement on behalf of SUNY Research Foundation and promptly send it to the outside party.  The OTLIR will inform the PI via e-mail and forward a PDF version of the fully executed  MTA as soon as it is made available.