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          D.1.     CREATE A NEW PROPOSAL

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Click the My Proposals link near the top of the page after logging in.

Click the Create New Proposal link near the top of the page.


When the proposal is saved, a proposal number is assigned, and it is stored permanently in the COEUS database. Proposals can never be deleted from the database. When a Proposal is created, it is immediately and permanently associated with a Department/Center/Institute (“Lead Unit”) that cannot be modified. The identity of the Lead Unit is derived from the Roles assigned to the Investigator’s COEUS account. By default, Investigators have the Role to Create a Proposal in the Unit of their Primary Academic Appointment. Some Investigators may also have the Role to Create a Proposal in additional Units. If an Investigator has the Create a Proposal Role in multiple Units, a supplemental screen is displayed from which the Lead Unit must be selected. Once selected, either from this screen or by default, the Lead Unit is linked with the new proposal and cannot be changed.

WARNING! Once a proposal has been created in a lead unit, the lead unit cannot be changed.

Users authorized to create proposals in more than one unit must select the Lead Unit at the time the new proposal is created or copied.

An Aggregator on the existing proposal can copy it (be sure to select Budget(s) and Narratives), and select a new lead unit to save the initial work.

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Click the Create New Proposal link.

1.                  Choose the type of proposal you are submitting by selecting the Proposal Type from the drop-down list.

Choose from:

Continuation - Non-competitive continuation application for the next period in an existing project for which the sponsor has previously committed funding.

Internal Campus Programs – Applies to internally funded programs.

Modified Proposal - Resubmission of a proposal that was previously reviewed by the sponsor and has been modified by the PI which requires sponsor review and institutional signature.

New - An application not previously proposed, or one that has not received prior funding.

Preliminary Application – Applies to pre-proposals that will be followed by full proposal applications.

Renewal - An application for support of a new competitive segment of funding.

Resubmission - A revised or amended application that addresses the reviewer feedback from a previous submission.

Revision - Changes to an existing award or pending application. Examples include: Supplement, Budget Modification, PI Change, Revised Scope of Work.

Task Order - Not applicable

2.                  Choose the type of activity that best describes your proposal by selecting the Activity Type field from the drop-down list.

3.                  Type the proposal Start Date or click the calendar icon and select a date.

4.                  Type the proposal End Date or click the calendar icon and select a date.

NOTE: The Original Proposal Number and Award # fields are not utilized when creating a new proposal.

5.                  Choose the appropriate agency/sponsor for your proposal. Click the Search link next to the Agency/Sponsor field.

NOTE: If you know the six-digit sponsor code you may type it in the field and skip to step 8. Please note that if the desired Sponsor is not found in the COEUS database, you must call the Office for Sponsored Programs at 631-632-4402 and the new Sponsor will be added to the database.

8-14-2010 8-34-08 AM.png

6.                  Complete one or more search criteria fields and then click Search.

7.                  Click the correct sponsor name or code. The Agency/Sponsor field populates with the corresponding code.

8.                  The Prime Sponsor field is utilized only if this proposal is a subcontract. If you are submitting a subcontract, use the Search link to choose the prime sponsor. Select the appropriate sponsor.

9.                  Enter your proposal deadline into the Proposal Deadline Date field. Click the appropriate radio button to indicate if your proposal deadline is a receipt or postmark deadline.

10.              Click the button to the right of the NSF Science Code field and choose the field that most appropriately describes your proposal.

NOTE: This is a mandatory field for all proposals. This information is used to compile reporting on Research & Development activities.

11.              Anticipated Award Type must be selected from the drop-down list, if known (e.g. grant, contract, clinical trial, subcontract etc.).

12.              The Sponsor Proposal No field is utilized for National Institutes of Health (NIH) renewals and resubmissions. Enter the NIH generate proposal number (e.g., CA123456) assigned to the original proposal.

13.              Enter your proposal title into the Title field.

14.              Click in the Program Title field and type the name of the FOA program, if available.

15.              Click on the drop-down list of the Proposal in Response field and select the appropriate type, if available.

16.              Click in the Funding Opportunity Number field, if applicable. For paper submissions enter the data manually. For submissions this number will be populated automatically if CFDA is used to search and link. Otherwise, insert the Funding Opportunity Number to perform the search.

17.              The Sub Contract box should be checked if there will be a subcontract on your proposal.

18.              Click in the CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) Number field, and then type the appropriate number assigned by sponsor for a funding opportunity, if available. For paper submissions enter the data manually, if known. For submissions enter the CFDA number to support the search.

NOTE: You must enter the Opportunity Id or the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number in order to download the appropriate application package for your proposal.

NOTE: The Agency Program Code and Agency Div Code fields are not utilized.

19.              Click the Save button.


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The Organization screen automatically populates with Stony Brook University’s organization information. But, if you need to add an organization or performance site, you will do the following:


1.  Click the Add Organization/Location link. Type can be chosen as either Performance Site or Other Organization.

2.  Location field is a free text field.

3.  Click Find Address and complete the search for the desired location address.

4.  Click Add Cong District. New text field will become available.

5.  Click Save.


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1.                  Click the Investigators/Key Persons link on the navigation pane.

2.                  Click the Employee Search or Non Employee Search link. The Person Search screen displays.

3.                  To designate a Principal Investigator and other faculty members on your proposal, click the Employee Search link.

4.                  Enter the last name of the employee into the Last Name field.

NOTE: Asterisk (*) is a wild card and can be used before or after a partial employee name.

            If your employee or non-employee is not listed, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

5.                  Complete one or more search criteria, and then click Search.

The employee information will populate in the fields where matching data exists.

6.                  Select the appropriate role from the Proposal Role drop-down list.

(The value initially defaults to Principal Investigator since every proposal must have a Principal Investigator role assigned.)

NOTE: If you select Key Study Person you must also complete the Key Person Role field. You are required for NIH to enter your eRA Commons user name into the Commons User Name field.

7.                  Verify that your unit is correct. If not, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

WARNING: Changing your unit without contacting the Office of Sponsored Programs may compromise your access to the COEUS system.

8.                  You must enter the total percentage of effort in the %Effort field for each person listed on this screen as well as the estimated %Academic/Summer/Calendar year effort.

9.                  Click the Save button.

The name will be displayed under the List of Investigators/Key Study Personnel section. Repeat this process for each role that must be added.


If you need to add an additional business unit:

If you or your Co-Investigator hold a joint appointment, you must add the additional department/unit under the appropriate person.

NOTE: This will not only populate the Credit Split section, but it will also generate proper routing of your proposal.

1.      Under the List of Investigators/Key Study Personnel, click the Details link next to the person for whom you want to add an additional business unit.

2.      Click the Add Unit link.