Stony Brook University Office of Research Services

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is charged with all pre-award activities for Stony Brook University. This includes
  • proposal preparation, review and endorsement
  • contract review negotiation and approval
  • support and guidance to the campus based foundation (Stony Brook Foundation) on sponsored program issues
  • the establishment of funded awards in the Oracle enterprise financial system
Lydia Chabza Lydia Chabza
Director of Sponsored Programs
(631) 632-4849

Grants Administrators

Grants Administrators assist faculty with proposal preparation/submission of grant applications and administer grant awards. 
Andria Adler Andria Adler
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-1610
Deborah Chalmers Deborah Chalmers
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-1682
  Celeste Radgowski
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-9079
  Laureen Velez
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-1681
Deborah Mann Deborah Mann
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-8331
  Mary Serra
Grants Administrator
(631) 632-9102

Contracts Administrators

Contracts Administrators
Contracts Administrators assist faculty with proposal preparation/submission, conduct contract negotiation and administer all contracts and subcontracts except for NYS and pharmaceutical company sponsored  clinical trials. 

Clinical Trials Administrators
Clinical Trials Administrators collaborate with the Office of Clinical Trials on proposal preparation/submission, conduct contract negotiation and administer all pharmaceutical company sponsored clinical trial agreements. 

NYS Contract Administrator
The NYS Contract Administrator assists faculty with proposal preparation/submission, conducts contract negotiations and administers all contracts and subcontracts sponsored by agencies of NYS.

Alina Stroia Alina Stroia
Contracts Administrator/
Clinical Trials Administrator
(631) 632-9028
Leigh Gentilcore Leigh Gentilcore
Clinical Trials Administrator
(631) 632-4949
Annette  DePietri Anne DePietri
NYS Contract Administrator
(631) 632-4702
  Cornelia Seiffert
Contracts Administrator
(631) 632-9029

Administrative Staff

  Kathryn Belmonte
Administrative Staff Assistant
(631) 632-4402
Josephine Scwarz Josephine Schwarz
(631) 632-9038

Account Establishment and Maintenance Unit

The Account Establishment & Maintenance Unit is responsible for the setup of awards into the Grants Management System.
  Razeema Sahib
Supervisor, Account Establishment Unit
(631) 632-6568
Jacelyn Dent Jacelyn Dent  
Senior Account Establishment Specialist
(631) 632-6569
Paula Moore Paula Moore
Account Establishment Specialist
(631) 632-9008
  Claire Foley
Account Establishment Specialist
(631) 632-9016