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A.2.     WHAT IS COEUSLite




The Office of Sponsored Programs on behalf of Stony Brook University, in conjunction with the University of Buffalo, the University at Albany and Binghamton University have entered into a consortium arrangement to license Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s COEUS software product. Currently, this product is licensed to over 46 institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the largest US recipient of NIH funding. COEUS provides electronic internal proposal routing and approval, and modules for proposal preparation & submission to sponsor (if applicable), award tracking, research compliance, and conflict of interest approvals.



1.         Creating the proposal, which includes assigning staff to the project, creating a budget for the project, and adding the proposal narrative, abstracts, bibliography, and other administrative information;

2.         Modifying the proposal, or creating alternate versions of the proposal;

3.         Finalizing the proposal and submitting it for approval;

4.         Routing the proposal for approval through the appropriate Chairs, Deans, and other necessary internal approvers (e.g., University Hospital).

The process of creating a proposal in the Proposal Development Module of COEUS is summarized in three stages:

·         Create Proposal

·         Create Budget

·         Finalize Proposal

Create Proposal:

·         Assists proposal development

·         Generates forms automatically for submission

·         Provides proposal template for future proposals

·         Enables the Principal Investigator to provide access and assign tasks through the use of proposal roles

Create Budget:

·         Calculates all approved Fringe Benefit and Facilities and Administrative rates and inflation factors

·         Generates future budget years

·         Ensures compliance with Cost Accounting Standards by allowing the users to budget in the same manner in which expenditures will be incurred

Finalize Proposal:

·         Checks proposals for errors

·         Submits proposals on-line for all internal reviews and approvals

·         Facilitates electronic submission by Office of Sponsored Programs to


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A.2.     WHAT IS COEUSLite

COEUSLite is 100% web-based. It does not require any software installation on either a PC or Mac, and can be accessed using the internet from any location. It is recommended that you do not access COEUS through Lotus Notes as it could generate system errors. COEUSLite provides a simple, intuitive user interface that guides an Investigator through the proposal development process. It will be the primary tool for Investigators, Deans, Department Chairs, and support staff. COEUSLite also provides a direct connection to and all federal grants can be submitted directly through COEUSLite.

 COEUSLite will import all of the necessary forms from for the specific funding opportunity identified in the proposal. The forms will be filled out automatically from the data entered on the COEUS screens and retrieved from the COEUS data tables.


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There are two different versions of COEUS – a ‘production’ version and a ‘training’ version, for new users. The ‘production’ version of COEUS should be used to prepare proposals that are intended for submission to sponsors. The ‘training’ version of COEUS should be used as a tool for trying the system.

 It is important to choose the correct version of COEUS when logging in. Proposals created in the training environment cannot be copied over to the production version. To log into either COEUS version, you will need to use your NetID. If you do not know your NetID, you can find your username and reset your password in SOLAR using the "NetID Maintenance" link.


1.                  To log in to COEUS, visit

NOTE: You will need an active assignment in PeopleSoft in order to be activated in the COEUS system.

2.         Enter your user name in the User ID field.

3.         Enter your password into the Password field.

4.         Select Stony Brook from the campus drop-down list.

5.         Click the Login button. The COEUS Home page appears.


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