Stony Brook University Office of Research Services


  • Office of Sponsored Programs at 631-632-4402
  • Your Departmental Grants and Contracts Administrator



Do I need to register to use COEUS?

                In order to be able to use COEUS, you will need to be granted rights and roles.  Complete the "Request to Activate COEUS" account link at You may contact Kathryn Belmonte at 632-4402 with any questions.

How do I handle a proposal with multi-department involvement?

                You will need to verify that all faculty on your proposal have registered to use COEUS and that all other departments are set up for approval routing before creating a COEUS proposal.  Do so by checking with the other investigators or your Contracts/Grants Administrator.

What do I do if a person on my project is not in the COEUS System?

                They will need to contact Kathryn Belmonte at 2-4402 to register.  COEUS feeds from the PeopleSoft system.  Not all Adjunct Faculty are on PeopleSoft, and therefore will not be able to be registered on COEUS.  The department’s VP Coordinator will need to contact HR to load them onto the PeopleSoft System.

What do I do if my (or the Co-I’s) home department comes up incorrectly in COEUS?

                Verify that your department/unit and the co-investigator’s department/unit populate the proposal correctly.  This will determine the approval routing of your proposal.  If the PI department/unit is incorrect, stop working on the proposal and contact  Kathryn Belmonte (2-4402 or  If the information is incorrect for a co-investigator, you can add the correct unit and then delete the incorrect unit on the Investigator/Key Person screen. 

What do I do if my legal name on PeopleSoft is not the same as the name I use on research proposals?

                Contact Kathryn Belmonte (2-4402 or for assistance with resolving this problem.


What is the Aggregator role in Proposal Roles?

    An Aggregator on a proposal has unlimited rights to view, edit, and submit a proposal.  Office of Sponsored Programs strongly advises that you assign the Aggregator role to the relevant OSP Grants or Contracts Administrator (who will be approving and submitting your proposal).  This will enable OSP  access to the proposal before it begins routing for approvals.  Once a proposal is routing, nothing other than the attachments can be changed so it is in your best interest to have your OSP person review the proposal before it begins routing to avoid having it “rejected”, which will delay submission.  Another advantage to having an OSP Aggregator on your proposal would be if you encounter problems or receive error messages while uploading your proposal, your OSP Administrator will be able to go into the proposal with you to see where the problem lies and assist with the resolution.

My proposal seems to be “frozen”.  How do I unlock it?

                COEUS allows more than one person to be working on a proposal at the same time, but does not allow simultaneous work in the same section.  If this occurs, your proposal will “lock” and editing will not be possible.  To “unlock” your proposal, click on the padlock in the upper right hand corner of the proposal screen.  Any locks on the proposal will be displayed.  Click on the “remove locks” button to unlock the proposal for editing.

Am I required to attach only PDF’s?

                COEUS will accept Word, Excel and PDF. will only accept PDF’s.

How do I maneuver within the proposal creation module?  Can I use the back button?

                Use the section tabs on the left side of the screen – not the back button

Can I change the lead unit (department) on a proposal?

            Once a proposal has been created in a lead unit, the lead unit cannot be changed.  Users that are authorized to create proposals in more than one unit must select the Lead Unit at the time the new proposal is created or copied.  An aggregator on the existing proposal can copy it (be sure to select Budget(s) and Narratives), and select a new lead unit to save the initial work.

Once a proposal has begun routing, can anything be revised?

                Only attachments can be switched out.  New attachments may not be added.  No budget change or other change can be made.

Are all funding opportunities available for download on COEUS?

            To find out if you can use COEUS for a System-to-System (S2S) submission, complete the General Information screen, making sure to enter the Funding Opportunity Number.  Next, click on the  tab on the left-side Menu.  When the page opens, either the Opportunity download will appear or a message that the chosen Funding Opportunity is not available, and you will need to complete the Adobe package.

Am I required to use the Budget Module on COEUS?

         You are required to use the COEUS Budget Module only if you are preparing a   System-to-System proposal.  Depending on the Funding Opportunity, you will need to complete either the detailed budget module or the Modular module.  If you are not preparing a system-to-system proposal, and are attaching a budget in Proposal Attachments, then you do not need to complete the COEUS Budget Module.  You will need to go into Budget Versions and choose “None” from the dropdown for “Budget Status” and mark the Budget as Final (check the checkbox for Final) on the Budget Summary page.

Is there anything I need to know specific to NIH proposals?

  1. Use only pdf’s
  2. Special Review – do not choose “Not yet submitted”.  This is not an option on the NIH SF424 form and will cause an NIH error if chosen.
  3. Modular budget dollars will correctly translate to forms but won’t show in the budget summary if the detailed budget was not completed.
  4. Commons user name must be entered into the Investigator/Key person section.

How can I print/preview my COEUS prepared S2S application?

  1. Open your Coeus proposal 
  2. Navigate to the screen 
  3. In the Print column, check ALL the mandatory and “included” forms for your submission. 
  4. Use the Print Selected Forms option. 
  5. COEUS will open a separate browser window with a compiled PDF file of all the forms in alphabetical order by Form name, including all the attachments/uploaded files for those forms. This is just a DATA order -- not the sponsor grant image.  
  6. Use your browser’s Save feature to save this PDF file to your desktop, for archive, or printing, or sending via email. 

Approver FAQ

Why can’t I review a proposal when I am in Lotus Notes and click the link to the proposal in the email I receive?

                Lotus Notes’ in-built web browser is not Web standards compliant and does not work with COEUS.  COEUS works well with popular browsers such as Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.  Perform the following steps to ensure that the correct browser is used.  Within the Lotus Notes Client, Go to File> Preferences.  Click on Web Browser and Select “Use the Browser I have set as default for this Operating System”