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In order for you to be certified to conduct research involving human subjects, you must satisfy the following TWO training requirements (along with obtaining IRB approval for the activity):

Training in Human Subject Protections
Click here to read Section 12.4 for training instructions.

'Live' training lectures for new or recertifying researchers can be scheduled for groups of 20 or more. Contact Judy Matuk, 631-632-9036 if you are interested in this training option.

For those who must certify training to the NIH, the following template is acceptable for your Certification of Completion of Human Subjects Training letter.

Click here to download Word Template

HIPAA in Research Training

  1. Review the SBU Policy and Procedure on Research Subjects' Right to Privacy at: http://www.stonybrook.edu/research/orc/humans/HSG.shtml (See Section 16 of the Standard Operating Procedures)
  2. Review the University Hospital's general HIPAA awareness training materials.
  3. Satisfy this HIPAA training requirement by sending an e-mail to Mary Ellen Herz.
  1. the subject reading: HIPAA RESEARCH TRAINING COMPLETED and the
  2. body of the text reading: "I have read and understood the HIPAA awareness training materials and agree to comply with the SBU Policy and Procedures on Research Subjects' Right to Privacy."