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Sheila Routh, Director, Grants Management
W5510 Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library,
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3366

Tel: (631) 632-9038
Fax: (631) 632-9147

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Office of Grants Management

Once an Award has been accepted, and an account established, the Office of Grants Management (OGM) helps Principal Investigators, Project Directors and their staffs to manage the project by monitoring financial activity according to sponsor terms and conditions. Guidance is provided on a wide variety of financial transactions, accounting services, and a range of informational reports.
OGM Organization Chart
Sheila Routh Sheila Routh
Director of Grants Management
(631) 632-9107


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 The Grants Management Specialists are responsible for processing award expenditures such as personnel, purchasing, travel, acquisition of services and other transactions associated with the conduct of the project.  They check these transactions for consistency with institutional, federal and sponsor requirements and then forward them to the appropriate administrative offices for implementation. 

Stephanie Ammann Stephanie Ammann
Assistant Director, Sponsored Project Expenditure
(631) 632-9071
Dawn Alomar Dawn Alomar
Sponsored Project Expenditure Coordinator
(631) 632-9075
Kristen Ford Kristen Ford
Senior Grants Management Specialist
(631) 632-9173
Stephanie Hammer Stephanie Hammer
Senior Grants Management Specialist
(631) 632-9018
Doreen Nicholas
Senior Grants Management Specialist
(631) 632-1367
Joseph Scarola Joseph Scarola
Senior Grants Management Specialist
(631) 632-4185


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The Financial Specialists prepares and submits all sponsor required financial reports.  This unit is also responsible for invoicing and collection of sponsored funds as the result of awards received. As part of the preparation of these reports, the Financial Specialists review expenditures, including cost shared items for both sponsor and institutional fiscal compliance. 

Anamaria Goncalves Ana Maria Goncalves-Lopes
Assistant Director, Accounts Receivables/
Financial Reporting
(631) 632-9015
Michele Hass Michele Hass
Senior Financial Specialist
(631) 632-1812
MaryEllen Bestenheider Mary Ellen Bestenheider
Financial Specialist
(631) 632-4189
Frances Maxwell Frances "Cookie" Maxwell
Financial Specialist
(631) 632-1723
Mary Alice Plant Mary Alice Plant
Financial Specialist
(631) 632-9352
Kathy Rasmussen Katherine Rasmussen
Financial Specialist
(631) 632-9144

Administrative Staff

Cynthia Traub Cynthia Traub
Administrative Assistant
(631) 632-4886
Carol Arnold Carol Arnold
(631) 632-9038

Project Staff

Assists the Director of Grants Management in general financial management of service and facility accounts, coordination of internal and external audits, cost sharing coordination and documentation, effort certification analysis and management, financial coordination of staffing services agreements, property management and communications with the research community regarding implementation of new financial regulations promulgated by federal and State agencies.
Renee Curry Renee Curry
Special Project Assistant
(631) 632-1732
  Annette Ainsley
Manager, RF Accounts and Effort Reporting
(631) 632-6038
  Pappsey Mathew
IFR/CS Specialist
(631) 632-9522
  Liliane Fenelus
Accounting Clerk
(631) 632-1891