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RF Business System

PIAI and QuickView are no longer available. They have been phased out and replaced with the RF Report Center. You can access information about your Expenditures using the RF Report Center:

Accessing RF Report Center (Logon QuickGuide)

Click here to download the PDF for instructions on logging into the RF Report Center

To log into the RF Report Center and access the Principal Investigator (PI) and RF Award Interface Reporting (RF AIR) dashboards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Do not click on the LOG IN link at the top.  That is for the RF Portal.  If you already logged in using that link, you’ll have to log out and start over.  Instructions for logging out of the RF Portal are below.

  3. Instead, Scroll down to Information For: Researchers, then click on RF Report Center.

  4. You can also scroll down to Administrators and click on the same RF Report Center link.

  5. Click on the RF Report Center logo.

  6. Scroll down to and click on the Stony Brook University logo.

  7. If you are not already logged into Stony Brook’s SSO service, login using your NetID and NetID password.  (Your NetID is the typically same ID you use to log into your computer and is typically your first initial followed by your last name.  It is not your nine-digit SOLAR ID.)  If you are already logged into Stony Brook’s SSO service, the system will skip this step.

  8. In the upper right-hand side of the screen, click on the Dashboards drop-down list, then select either Principal Investigator or RF Activity Interface Reporting.

If you have previously used the RF Portal Login, you must first log out, and then follow these instructions from the top.


PI Dashboard

(If the YouTube training videos are blurry on your screen, please view them in 720p mode)

RF Activity Interface Reporting

(If the YouTube training videos are blurry on your screen, please view them in 720p mode)

You may request access by having the appropriate person complete the form at:  Fax or email a signed form to Tony Devietro at 632-5704 or

Access is given as follows:
Access Level  Access Given To:  Form Signatory:
Award Access to the entire Award and all the underlying Projects and Tasks Award PI
Project Access to the Project and underlying Tasks Award PI or Project PI
Task Access to the indicated Task only Task Manager or Project PI
Organization Access to all APT that have the indicated Organization as Award, Project or Task Organization Organization Head (VP, Dean, Chair, Director, Division Head)
Key Member Access to all APT where the indicated Key Member is Award or Project PI or Task Manager Key Member

Monthly Award Summary (MAS) and Monthly Project Summary Reports (MPS)

The Monthly Award Summary (MAS) and Monthly Project Summary (MPS) Reports contain summaries and details of actual current month expenditures. These reports, which contain seven sections, provide month-end snapshots of award or project level expenditures. These monthly summary reports become available shortly after the end of each month.

HOWTO - View your Reports in PIAI

A Quick Guide to access your reports in PIAI and help you understand them.

Report Availability

Data availability with this delivery method:

  1. You will see monthly reports from month-end July 2009 if the award or project was open at that time.
  2. If an award or project was established less than six months ago, you will only see reports for the months since the award or project was set up.
  3. Each month RF will add the latest reports until there is a 24-month history of MAS and MPS reports available for viewing.
  4. Active, At-Risk and On-Hold Awards: Monthly reports will be available for 24 months.
  5. Closed Awards: Monthly reports will be available for two months after the award is closed – unchanged from our current process for closed awards.

OVPR will be conducting a series of 90-minute sessions to provide hand-on training. 

Registration is required and is limited to 20 attendees per session. You may sign up for any one of the sessions using the following link: All classes will be held at Main Campus ECC Building Room 126 (DoIT Training Room).

For any questions on using PI Dashboard or RFAIR,

  1. Contact Grants Management at 632-4886.

For any questions on NetID,

  1. See information at:
  2. Contact Client Support at 632-9800

For access, password issues and additional information,

  1. You may contact Tony DeVietro at 632-9840.
  2. RF Helpdesk at 1 (518) 434 7222 or

To reset your Portal password or if your account has been locked:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username (typically the Stony Brook email address you signed up with)
  3. You will receive a new password in your email.