Parent & Guardian Information

Please take a few minutes to view our video, which specifically addresses questions and concerns that you, as parents may have regarding your student's records.




FERPA is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of educational records.   This law states that at the post-secondary level, parents have no inherent rights to inspect their son or daughter’s academic records.   Once the student begins attending an institution of higher education, regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer to the student.

Records can be released to the parent if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Through written consent of the student
  • In compliance with a subpoena

Under FERPA, the following information is considered Directory Information
and is available upon public inquiry: 

Name, Local Address, Phone, Program (Majors/minors declared), Degrees Awarded,
Degree Dates, Dates of Attendance, Enrollment Status (Full-Time/Part-Time),
Participation in officially recognized activities and sports.

FERPA Forms to release or suppress Directory Information are available on our Forms page.


An Enrollment Verification is an official document providing proof of student enrollment (Full Time Status).   Most commonly, medical insurance companies request proof of full-time status in order to keep the student covered under the parent’s plan.  Students may need a verification to defer student loans or for other purposes.

How Can Students Obtain an Enrollment Verification?

  • Student may print out a verification by logging into their Solar System account after the semester add/drop deadline
  • Students may request a verification by calling or coming in person to the Registrar’s Office
  • Student may mail, fax or bring in person an insurance company’s form for validation at the Registrar’s Office



All students are responsible for adhering to Academic Calendar deadlines. Academic Calendars are published each semester. Non-adherence to deadlines may result in academic record and/or financial consequences!  Click here for Academic Calendars



In order for the university to be in compliance with NYS Health Department Law, every student must provide proof of their MMR Immunizations to the Student Health Services office.    

New undergraduate students will be enrolling for classes during Orientation and will leave orientation with a full-time schedule. Students who have not submitted their MMR immunization records, will then have a block placed on their record which will prevent them from making any enrollment changes to their schedule.  Once the semester begins, students who have not submitted their MMR Immunization records will be notified that they are in jeopardy of being deregistered from all of their courses.  Students who do not submit the MMR Immunization records will ultimately be deregistered from all courses!  (Numerous notifications will be sent to students before deregistration takes place in order to provide an opportunity for them to submit their MMR records)