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Common Enrollment Block Explained. Hold
Unfamiliar "hold" blocking you from enrolling? You probably need to sign off on the Financial Responsibility Policy. Screenshots that show how to remove the block can be found on the
Bursar's Website (scroll down to "Accepting the Student Financial Responsibility on SOLAR.")



All Enrollment Transactions must be made in accordance with Academic Calendar Deadlines

ADD Enroll in a course
DROP Drop a course
DROP WITH a "W" Drop a course. "W" Grade is recorded
SWAP Switch course(s) for other course(s) which equal the same # of credits
Example: Swap MUS 119 (3.0) credits for ARS 201 (3.0 credits)
SECTION CHANGE Swith sections within the same course
Example: Switch from PHY 122 R02 to PHY 122 R03
CREDIT CHANGE Change credits on an existing course that allows variable credits
Example: Change from 3.0 credits to 6.0 credits for MUS 523
MOVE UP/DROP DOWN Switch within the same subject to a different level of difficulty
Example: Move from MAT 131 to MAT 125
NOTE: This transaction requires a signed approval form.


Holds & To Do Items appearing in the Action Center of your SOLAR Welcome Page may prevent enrollment. Students are responsible for reading these items carefully and taking necessary action to resolve any issues.

SOLAR Messages appearing in the Message Center of your SOLAR Welcome page may pertain to important enrollment information. Students are responsible for reading their SOLAR Messages on a regular basis and taking neccessary action to resolve any issues.



Students should meet the prerequisites to a course before taking the course.  Faculty members have the option to de-register, prior to the beginning of the semester, any student not meeting the prerequisites to a course. Many courses enforce prerequisites at the time of registration. Students who believe they have satisfied the prerequisites to a course through transfer work or through other study or experience should seek permission of the instructor before registering. Certain courses may be taken only with the permission of the instructor or of the department; this is listed as a prerequisite to the course.

Corequired courses must be taken together during the same semester.
SOLAR Enrollment Tip: Corequired courses must be placed in the students Shopping Cart on the SOLAR System and submitted for enrollment at the same time in order to enroll successfully.

Students may request special permission to enroll in a course if they have met the requisites through transfer work or through other study experience, if the class is closed, or if the class requires permission.   Permission is issued electronically only. Students must contact the instructor or department and request this permission.   Granting permission is at the discretion of the instructor/department.  If the permission is granted, an electronic permission is entered into the system and the student will receive a SOLAR message stating that their permission to enroll has been granted.  Students must then enroll themselves for the course on the SOLAR System before the expiration date of the issued permission.


Some courses may reserve seats for a certain group of students (e.g. seniors, students of a specific major, Learning Community students, etc.) If students try to enroll in a section in which all remaining seats are reserved, they will only able to enroll if they meet the reserve criteria. If students do not meet the reserve criteria (e.g. senior), they will not be able to enroll.


Some courses utilize an automated waitlist.    If a course uses an automated waitlist, students may place themselves on the waitlist via the SOLAR system.   It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their position on the waitlist.   If a student no longer wishes to be enrolled from a waitlist, they must drop themselves from the waitlist.   A SOLAR Message will be sent to students when they are enrolled from the waitlist.   If a student is enrolled from the waitlist, the student is responsible for the grade earned and tuition resulting from the enrollment.  

Students will NOT be enrolled from the waitlist if:

  • Student is enrolled for a course that creates a time conflict with the waitlisted course
  • Student will be placed over the maximum unit load as a result of enrollment in the course
  • Student is attempting to switch sections of the same course.

    If enrollment is unsuccessful due to any of the above scenarios, students will receive a SOLAR Message informing them of the specific issue.   Student will not be dropped from the waitlist.   Student must correct the problem in order to eligible for the next opening.