Office of the Provost Liaison

Provost Liaison Staff

The primary focus of the office is to provide excellent customer service to all, including faculty, staff, students, parents of students who contact the office with questions, problems or concerns related to the University Bookstore, HSC Bookstore, or other FSA services.

The hard work and dedication to providing a quality experience does not end there. The Provost's Liaison's Office creates the University Bookstore newsletter which keeps the community informed on a wide variety of topics, in addition to holding Campus Lifetime Events on Wednesdays during campus lifetime. These events draw students, faculty, and staff from all around campus during the designated weekly time to learn, teach, and perform for one another.

Provost's Liaison is a department under the Faculty Student Association (FSA) which provides jobs for students here at the University. Currently, the Provost's Liaison oversees a team of 8 student employees, both undergraduate and graduate students, from a diverse variety of majors. The team at the Provost's Liaison's Office values teamwork and the unique perspectives students bring to the table.

An ever-evolving project of the Provost's Liaison's Office is the Course Material Requisition system that the university faculty uses each semester. The office works with hard-working teams from around the university to make sure the system is constantly adapting to new technology and is exactly what the faculty needs.

Another way that the Provost's Liaison's Office is helping bring new technology to the university is through the introduction of the SmmarTT (Seawolves Multi-Media and Research Team Technology) program introduced to the School of Business in the Fall of 2013 and is now branching out throughout the campus. The SmmarTT program, a blackboard integrated project, aims at developing digital and multi-media course learning materials and is a great tool for both professors and students. SmmarTT is especially helpful with group projects and is a clear pathway for communication between classmates as well as the professor.

The Provost's Liaison's Office is always there to lend a helping hand to the Seawolves community. Beyond the University Bookstore's Campus Lifetime series, the office cooperates with many departments on campus to create exciting and interesting cultural events such as Jasmine's Diwali event that took place for the first time in fall 2013. Diwali at Jasmine was a successful collaboration between The Center for India Studies, the Faculty Student Association and Campus Dining which brought a great night with delicious vegetarian menu to many excited Seawolves community members.

Whether you're a student looking to showcase your talent on a campus stage, a department looking for assistance in hosting an educational and cultural event for the Seawolves community, or a faculty that needs help submitting course material requisitions for an upcoming semester, the Provost's Liaison's Office is always there to lend a helping hand.

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