Anique Lyne Textbooks

Purchasing books from the Stony Brook Bookstore is easy and convenient. I love that there are options of how to buy, whether I want to buy new or used, or rent or get an ebook. Rental and used books have saved me a ton of money and the condition of these are mostly like new. Best of all, I know that if I don't want to keep my books for whatever reason, then I can sell it back to the bookstore without any difficulties. Anique Lyne

Ieisha Hinson Campus Lifetime Events

The Bookstore's Campus Lifetime Events are a great way to showcase the talents Stony Brook harvests right here on campus! We get unbelievable live musical performances from faculty and students, as well as tasteful food demonstrations by FSA for the holidays. There are even book signings from faculty who are published authors. It is a great chance to collaborate with different organizations on campus and come together as a community. Ieisha Hinson

Jessica Williams Store Merchandise

The Bookstore has an amazing variety of clothes and supplies that are available to purchase. I have personally bought Seawolves t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants for very reasonable prices. Not only are these items comfortable, but I can showcase my school spirit on Fridays and at events like Homecoming by wearing red. There is also a wide variety of school supplies, books, and gadgets that students will find very useful for the school year. Jessica Williams

Elizabeth Sobalvarro Sales

Every time I go into the bookstore there is a new sale going on! Whether it is on Logo items by big brand names or a newly realeased book, I always find a good deal on different items! This allows me to read books I am interested in and show my school spirit anytime. Elizabeth Sobalvarro

Sanjeev Ramaswamy Digital Textbooks

The ebooks are always a convenient way to study. It makes things easy as the I don't have to carry around physical book and the digital edition is available on my tablet anytime I want. The bookstore is doing a great job with the ebook program by making textbook titles available digitally to students. It also works in favour of the environment and saves paper. It also eliminates standing in the buying and the buyback queues assisting in saving time. Sanjeev Ramaswamy