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General Questions

What is an eTextbook?

  • An eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a physical book.
  • Most of our eTextbooks are viewed on an application called NOOK Study which lets you do so much more than just view the book; it allows you to customize the way you study.
  • On average, eTextbooks cost up to 60% less than traditional books.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a digital education platform from Barnes & Noble that enhances the everyday learning experience and helps make college easier and more enjoyable.

What are the features of Yuzu?

With Yuzu, students can:

  • Read and study anywhere, at any time
  • Easily organize titles by term and course
  • Highlight text in four colors
  • Add freeform notes and post stickies
  • Flag important content
  • Filter highlights and notes to collect them all in one place

On what devices can Yuzu be used?

Yuzu is compatible with iPad® 2 and above with iOS7 or higher. (NOTE: iPad 3 and above is recommended). With the free iPad app, students download titles to read and annotate without an Internet connection.

The Yuzu web app lets students access their digital libraries online with:

  • An Internet-connected Windows computer using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, or Chrome 33
  • Any Internet-connected Mac using Safari 6.1 or 7, or Chrome 33

How can students purchase Yuzu titles?

There are two ways to purchase Yuzu titles

  1. in the campus bookstore or on the campus bookstore website.
  2. In the bookstore, there will be digital product information cards inserted in the sleeve that holds the shelf tags. The cards will indicate if the title is a purchase or rental. Each card will have instructions on how to redeem the access code at the Yuzu microsite – It is important to remember to give the student the shelf card with the purchase since it includes compatibility and support information.

If a digital version of the title is available on the bookstore website, students will see that option in the 'Select Format' drop-down menu for each title. They can then select buy or rent, and continue the purchase. During the purchase, students will be given the option to link their Yuzu and bookstore website accounts. If they do so, the purchase will be placed directly into their digital libraries. Students who do not link their accounts will receive an order confirmation email and then a download availability email with instructions on how to redeem the access code at the Yuzu microsite –

Can students rent a title and get all the same features?

Yes. Yuzu provides rental options. Students can use all of the Yuzu features on both rented and purchased titles.

How do students download purchased titles to an iPad?

First, students must create their accounts and/or redeem their access codes through the Yuzu microsite – After their title is in their digital library online, students may download the free Yuzu iPad app at the Apple App Store. When they sign in to the app using the same account information that they created on their materials will appear for download in the app.

Can students read their Yuzu titles on more than one computer?

Yes. For students using our iPad app, the title can be downloaded to as many devices as allowed by the publisher. Students using the web app can read from any Internet-connected computer using a compatible web browser. However, the web app does not allow the same title to be open on two computers at the same time.

Can students use the iPad app and web app together?

Yes. They can follow along in class on an iPad and then pick up where they left off at any computer on campus or at home using Yuzu's web app. With one click, students can sync their highlights and notes.

Do students need an Internet connection to read and study?

Students who download titles using the iPad app do not need to be online to read, study, and annotate. They only need to be online to sync their annotations.

If students are using Yuzu's web app, they need to have an Internet connection to read and annotate since the titles are not downloaded to their computers.

Important: To save notes and annotations, students need to sync before ending the browser session.

Will my eTextbook look exactly like the physical version?

Yes, the publishers have worked hard to preserve all the content from the physical version to be used in the digital version. That means you'll see the same graphs, charts, tables, drawings, etc. as you would in the physical version.

eReaders & Devices

Why are there copy and print restrictions on eTextbooks?

Restrictions have been set by the publishers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their textbooks. These restrictions limit the number of pages you can copy and print from a book. We list most restrictions on the website prior to purchase.

Are all books available through Yuzu?

No. Although our eTextbook collection grows every day, we realize that there are many more titles that we would like to offer. We are working with publishers to grow this collection. We currently offer thousands of textbook titles in digital format.

Do course workbooks, CD's & other course components come with the eTextbook purchase?

No. At this time eTextbooks don't include CD content or other companion materials that may be available with the new physical book.

Can I access my purchased eTextbook on more than one computer?

Yes, books can be accessed on up to two computers. After creating the initial Yuzu account, you can download the Yuzu on a second computer, sign in with your existing user ID and password, and your purchased books are there! Please be aware that the enhanced features of Yuzu (copy/print) are only allowed on one of the two devices. For example, if you have a PC and a laptop, you might want to download the enhanced version on your PC where you have access to a printer.

Can I return an eTextbook that I purchased or rented?

If your eTextbook has not been downloaded or you have not used your access code, you may return your eTextbook within the first week of class for a refund.

If I switch computers, what happens to all of the notes and annotations that I make in my book?

All of your notes and annotations on titles you've purchased are safely backed up to the "cloud." That way, if you have an eReader application installed on a second computer and you switch to it, you will still see all of your notes and annotations.

What happens if I lose my computer?

You may reinstall the eReader application on a new computer. All of your purchased content and synced content (i.e. highlights and annotations within texts) will automatically reappear when you sign in again. If you have already downloaded your eTextbooks to 2 computers (the limit set by the publishers), contact customer service to assist with this process.

Access Codes

I was given an access code after my purchase. How do I redeem it?

  1. Download and install your eReader on your computer.
  2. Open your eReader and click the "Redeem" button to enter the access code from the receipt.
  3. Once the title has been loaded into your library, click the book to download it to your computer. Once it finishes downloading, you're ready to read your book!

Can I re-use the access code I was given?

No, access codes are good for one-time use only. Once an access code has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

I'm having problems with my access code.

If you’re unable to resolve the problem, visit to search for a solution, and open a support ticket. You may also call at 1-884-YUZU-NOW.

What do I do if I lost my access code?

If you purchased your eTextbook from the Bookstore (in store or on the website), please return to the bookstore so we may re-issue you an access code.

How much time do I have to redeem my access code?

You can redeem your access code at any time. Your access code does not expire. Access codes are good for one-time use only. Once an access code has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

eBook Rentals

If I rent my eTextbook, do I need to return anything at the end of the rental period?

No, because your textbook is digital, there is nothing to return. Your license will simply expire and you will not have access to your textbook or your notes any longer.