Complimentary Desk Copies

If you wish to request a desk copy for a title that will be used for your course, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Desk copies are complimentary copies publishers release to faculty members who have adopted a textbooks for their course and placed orders at the University Bookstore.
  • Please be aware that desk copies cannot be obtained from the University Bookstore. This service is provided to you by the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office.
  • Desk copy requests will be honored only if your Course Material Requisition (CMR) is submitted by the designated due dates (October 12th for the Spring/Winter Semesters and April 5th for the Fall/Summer semesters). Please note that these dates never change.
  • Desk copy requests will be honored only if the original order was placed using the online CMR system which is accessed through a customized link sent from the Bookstore Liaison's Office.
  • If you wish to add a title to your CMR after the designated due date, and your CMR was submitted prior to the designated due date, your desk copy request for that title will be honored.
  • In order to be eligible for desk copies for the upcoming semester, all previously requested desk copies must be picked up prior to requesting new titles.
  • Since all publisher policies are different, they may not send the requested amount of desk copies since the decision is purely of their discretion. If you wish to receive supplementary copies you must contact the publishers. We will provide you with their contact information if necessary.
  • Publishers are often unlikely to send desk copies of the same titles in consecutive semesters. If you are distributing desk copies to your teaching assistants, collecting them at the end of the semester is the only way to ensure TA copies for a new semester.
  • We are unable to order review copies or exam copies. Faculty wishing to obtain these versions of the books must contact publishers directly. If you need help making a decision regarding their course book materials should visit the Faculy Center Network at, which will allow you to compare course books before requesting them for classes.
  • Desk copies must be picked up from the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office. We cannot ship books through inter-office mail, or through any other methods.
  • We are unable to order course-packs as desk copies. Individual titles that are bundled together may be requested when the ISBNs are provided, but custom course-packs are not available.
  • Desk copies can be ordered in the "Notes" section during the final step of CMR submissions process.