Course Material Requisitions (CMR) Guide for Department Admins

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The Course Material Requisition system is designed to make it easier than ever to select and submit course materials. You will receive an email that contains a link that is unique to your department profile. Clicking this link will take you to the front page of the Course Material Requisition system, where you will find the list of courses you are responsible for.

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If you are a department admin, the process for submitting the course material information will differ from that of the instructor. Let’s take a few moments to get familiar with the layout of the home page. The first thing to note is the semester drop down menu (Figure: 1a). Be sure to select the correct semester before you begin working.

To the left of the home page you will find the filter menu (Figure: 1b). Here you can set the filter criteria for the courses. The quick filter will allow you to view the course listing by simply clicking one of the following options:

  • All Sections – View all courses for your assigned department
  • Incomplete Sections – View all unsubmitted courses and sections
  • Submitted Sections – View all submitted courses and sections
  • Sections w/o Submitter – View all sections without an Instructor

The number of course that fit your filter criteria will be reflected in the upper left for the page (Figure: 1c). Courses that have already been submitted will be indicated with an orange mark to the left of the course (Figure: 1d). Advanced filter options are available to allow you to expand your search criteria (Figure: 2).

Figure 2

Clicking the "Sections Action" (located at the top center of the page) will allow you to add new courses, or to export a copy of all submitted course information to your email (Figure: 3). You will receive the exported file as a downloadable Microsoft Excel spread sheet.

Figure 3

Submitting Course Material Information

To begin submitting information for a course simply click on the desired course on the homepage. You will be taken to the following page:

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To the left on the course page, you will find the course sections (Figure: 4a). You may click on a section to submit information for that section. Multiple sections can be linked together by clicking the "Merge with Sections" button. Merging sections will allow you to select textbooks for multiple sections, providing they will be using the exact same books.

In the center of the page, the Department Admins will be able to add past books, new books, supplies, and/or custom course packs (Figure: 4b).

Adding Previous Used Books

To begin adding past books, begin by selecting which semester's history you would to examine. Next, scroll through the list of past titles and click the "Add books to List" button to the below each title. Titles that have been added will be added to the right of the screen (Figure: 4c). Titles can be removed from this list by clicking the "Remove Item From List" button.

Adding New Books

Department admins may also add new books that are needed for the course by clicking on the "Add New Books" tab (Figure: 5a). If you know the book information already, you can simply type in the ISBN, or author and title and then click the "Add Book to List" button.

You may also search for books by typing in your query and clicking on the "Search" button (Figure: 5b). Books are searchable by ISBN, title and author. When you have located the appropriate titles, click the "Add Book to List" button.

Figure 5
Adding Supplies and Custom Coursepacks

Select the "Add Supplies & Custom Coursepacks" tab and click the "Add Custom Coursepack" button (Figure: 6a). The Bookstore will be notified that you wish to use a coursepack. Please note that you'll need to create your coursepack and communicate it to the bookstore via email or phone, or add a note at the end of the adoption.

To add materials such as goggles or a lab coat, just tell us the item's description and then click the "Add" button under the "Add Supplies" sections (Figure: 6b). If you'd like to give additional information, tell us who supplies the product and where it can be found online (supplier and link are not mandatory fields).

Figure 6
Setting Requirements

Choose whether an item is required, recommended, a value option, or go to class first by selecting the appropriate choice from the status drop-down menu to the left of the item (Figure 7).

Figure 7
Finalizing and Submitting Adoption

Double check all desk copy and course book information before finalizing the course material submission. You may add notes and ask questions if needed at this stage.

When all necessary books and supplies have been added and reviewed you may click the "Review Adoption" button located in the upper right portion of the screen (Figure: 8).

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You will be prompted to with a pop-up window. Enter the enrollment cap (if know) and indicate any pertinent information in the “note” section (Figure: 9a).

At this stage, desk copies may be requested by faculty who submit their Course Material Requisition information by the designated due dates. In the “note” area, please specify the titles and number of copies of desk copies you are requesting (Figure: 9a).

Desk Copies

If you wish to request a desk copy for a title that will be used for a course, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Desk copies are complimentary copies publishers release to faculty members who have adopted a textbooks for their course and placed orders at the University Bookstore.
  • Please be aware that desk copies cannot be obtained from the University Bookstore. This service is provided to you by the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office.
  • Desk copy requests will be honored only if your Course Material Requisition (CMR) is submitted by the designated due dates (October 12th for the Spring/Winter Semesters and April 4th for the Fall/Summer semesters). Please note that these dates never change.
  • Desk copy requests will be honored only if the original order was placed using the online CMR system which is accessed through a customized link sent from the Bookstore Liaison's Office.
  • If you wish to add a title to your CMR after the designated due date, and your CMR was submitted prior to the designated due date, your desk copy request for that title will be honored.
  • In order to be eligible for desk copies for the upcoming semester, all previously requested desk copies must be picked up prior to requesting new titles.
  • Since all publisher policies are different, they may not send the requested amount of desk copies since the decision is purely of their discretion. If you wish to receive supplementary copies you must contact the publishers. We will provide you with their contact information if necessary.
  • Publishers are often unlikely to send desk copies of the same titles in consecutive semesters. If you are distributing desk copies to your teaching assistants, collecting them at the end of the semester is the only way to ensure TA copies for a new semester.
  • We are unable to order review copies or exam copies. Faculty wishing to obtain these versions of the books must contact publishers directly. If you need help making a decision regarding their course book materials should visit the Faculy Center Network at, which will allow you to compare course books before requesting them for classes.
  • Desk copies must be picked up from the Bookstore Liaison's Office. We cannot ship books through inter-office mail, or through any other methods.

When ready click “Mark as Reviewed” button (Figure: 10b). The adoption is now submitted.

Figure 9
No Text Required

If a course does not require any course materials, make sure no books are listed on the adoption list on the right of the screen. Next simply click the “Review With No Books” button located on the upper right portion of the screen (Figure: 10).

You will be prompted to with a pop-up window. Enter the enrollment cap (if know) and indicate any pertinent information in the “note” section (Figure: 9a). When ready click “Mark as Reviewed” button (Figure: 9b). The adoption is now submitted.

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Need to make edits?

If you need to make edits to any submitted course information simply click "Let All Make Edits" located on the upper right portion of the screen (Figure: 11).

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Duplicate/Course Not Offered

If a course is listed more than once, or if the course is not being offered, click the “Mark As: Duplicate/Not Offered” button located to the top right of the screen (Figure: 12). You will be prompted with a pop-up window (Figure: 13).

Figure 12 Click image to enlarge
Figure 13

Enter a brief reason for why the course/sections needs to be removed, and click the "continue" button located. Please note that once completed, you will no longer be able to make changes for that course or section. If you find that you are in this section by error, simply close the pop-up window.

Help and Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulties understanding the Course Material Requisition system, or if the program is not functioning properly please email the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office at

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