Course Material Requisitions (CMR)


Course Material Requisitions (CMR)

After listening to faculty and staff, the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office introduced a new Course Material Requisition system during the Summer 2014 semester. The system has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a host of features like historical records of textbooks and a search feature to help faculty members quickly and easily find their course materials. The system makes selecting and submitting your course material information easier than ever, while allowing for a seamless sharing experience with the University Bookstore.

Step-By-Step Guides


The due date for Summer & Fall Course Material Requisitions is April 4.
The due date for Winter & Spring Course Material Requisitions is October 12.

Please keep in mind that the later your order is placed, the more difficult it will be for the Bookstore to secure your books in time. Timely submission allows the bookstore to do buyback from students, allowing them to get money back and saving them money by making more used textbooks available. If you will be teaching a course during the upcoming semester(s) and require books or supplies for your class(es), please remember to submit your order to the Bookstore or the FSA Bookstore Liaison Faculty Student Advocate's Office as soon as possible.