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Local Disposition Authorizations (LDA's)

State of New York Office of General Services
Bureau of Surplus Personal Property Disposition

Bulletin No. 95-01
January 25, 1995

To: Surplus Property Coordinators

Local Disposition Authorizations (LDA's)

In order to streamline the process for completion of Local Disposition Authorizations (LDAs) the OGS Bureau of Surplus Personal Property Disposition is initiating a change in policy.

Effective immediately, it will no longer be necessary for agencies to provide final disposition information to OGS. All future, current, and outstanding transactions are covered by this change in policy.

Consistent with the principles of accountability and internal controls, departments and agencies receiving a local disposition authorization will be responsible for ensuring timely and effective disposal, receipt and appropriate deposit of any revenue derived, inlcuding applicable sales tax. Additionally, agencies will now have responsibility for maintaining complete, accurate and auditable documents related to their disposal of surplus personal property. Local disposition transactions handled by State agencies are subject to audit by the Office of the State Controller.

The objective of this change is to expedite the local disposal of individual assets defined as having little or no value. Items for which you request local disposition authorization should have little or no value and be items that are clearly unusable or not repairable. Caution should be used when identifying items to be considered for local disposition. The fact that an item is obsolete, or is no longer useful to one agency, does not necessarily preclude its use by another.

To assist us in implementing this policy change, please group items requested for LDA on a separate report of surplus. This will allow us to address your request quickly.

Your assistance in notifying all facilities and programs within your agency of this change in procedure will be greatly appreciated. Please contact this office at (518) 457-6335, with any questions you may have regarding these changes.

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