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Equipment Inventory Control (P602)


Policy 90, November, 1974 and PR 880, November, 1974


August, 1989


March, 2008
  • "Property" refers to procured or manufactured equipment that is self-contained, durable (expected service life of two or more years) and with a cost valuation which varies depending on the funding source utilized to purchase the asset as follows:
  • Property Control Office will assign asset numbers to equipment for inventory purposes.
  • The department is responsible for notifying the Property Control Office when there are equipment acquisitions or a change in equipment status i.e., transfers to other departments, changes in location, loss, theft, destruction and/or disposal.
  • Campus departments are responsible to review/update inventory lists on an annual basis


Property Control Office
Central Services Building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-6500

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