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Equipment Insurance Internal Procedure

Research Foundation:
Office of Grants Management

Campus Procedure for Research Foundation Equipment Insurance

  1. Grants Management Specialist approves requisitions for items of equipment or inventoried supplies. These requisitions are identified by an equipment expenditure type beginning with �EQP� and for inventoried supplies with the expenditure type �SUP Below Threshold Equip�. Once approved, the requisition will be forwarded to Procurement with the document entitled �Equipment Insurance Protection� (attachment A) attached for placement of the order and distribution of purchase order copies.
  2. The Procurement office will process requisitions, place orders with vendors and produce purchase orders for distribution. When distributing departmental copies of purchase orders with the �EQP� or �SUP Below Threshold Equip� expenditure types, Procurement will attach a copy of the departmental equipment insurance notice (see attachment A).
  3. The Property Control department will obtain a copy of the invoice from the Procurement department�s imaging system and confirms receipt from Central Receiving for items of equipment acquired on purchase orders with the expenditure types indicated above.
  4. Property Control will forward equipment insurance notice �Have You Considered Insurance Coverage for This New Equipment?� (attachment B) and the standard equipment insurance application/floater form to the campus department receiving the equipment along with data collection form SUSB 703 and decals, upon receipt of the purchase order.
  5. Campus departments choosing to purchase equipment insurance will forward a completed purchase requisition with the following attachments:
    • A completed standard equipment insurance application/floater form for each piece of equipment, and
    • a copy of the purchase order from which equipment was acquired.
  6. Cost of insurance will be calculated by the RF Business System based on the equipment value and the time period of coverage. The time period of coverage must be within the award period of the research grant.
  7. Upon approval in Grants Management, the equipment insurance requisition with attachments is forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment. Documentation and check are sent to the carrier.
  8. Should an insurance claim become necessary, please contact Stephanie Ammann in the Office of Grants Management. Documents required for a claim include:
    • a Campus Police Report
    • a completed Research Foundation Equipment Loss Detail form,
    • a copy of original requisition/purchase order (equipment purchase),
    • a copy of the equipment insurance requisition, and
    • an explanation from the Project Director.

The Equipment Loss Detail form provides guidance on submitting a claim, reduces the possibility of delays and provides the insurance carrier with an organized overview of supporting documents as required by its office. Once the Grants Management Office receives this documentation they will forward to RF Office of General Counsel, who then notifies the RF insurance carrier. This process aids in maintaining the thirty-day settlement cycle.

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