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Citibank Visa Procurement Card

Who can get a P-Card?
Ideally, P-Cards are issued to individuals that are responsible for making routine purchases for their department. Department supervisors will identify employees who are to apply for a P-Card.
How do I apply for a P-Card?
Please complete and interoffice a VISA Procurement Card Application to Gerardina Paduano at zip 6000.
What is the transaction limit on the Citibank Visa Procurement Card?
Cardholders are assigned a single transaction limit of up to $2500.
Can the Citibank Visa Procurement Card be used with Research funds?
No, P-cards are funded by State and IFR accounts only. Please visit our Research Procurement web page or contact Edith Koelln at (631) 632-6068 for your RF procurement needs.
Can I pay for travel related items such as hotels, car rentals, meals, limos and airline tickets with my Citibank Visa Procurement Card?
VISA Procurement Cards may NOT be used for any travel related expenses. Please refer to our Travel Office web page or contact Porshia Russell at (631) 632-6019 with travel related inquiries.
I need to make a reservation for an employee who will be traveling, can I use the P-Card to "hold" the reservation?
No, the VISA Procurement Card cannot be used for ANY travel related expense. Using the P-Card to "hold" a reservation will put the traveler's reservation in jeopardy.
I'm planning an event, can I use my P-Card to pay for the restaurant?
No, cardholders cannot use their P-cards for restaurant dining or catering. Please contact Karin Waslo (631) 632-6057 for assistance with processing a requisition via Wolfmart.
My course curriculum includes a trip to the Museum of Natural History, can I use my P-Card to purchase tickets for my students?
The P-Card cannot be used for travel or entertainment; please contact Karin Waslo (631) 632-6057 and/or Al DiVenuto (631) 632-9838 for assistance on how to procure and pay for your excursion.
Can I purchase a gift certificate with my Citibank Visa Procurement Card?
VISA Procurement Cards may NOT be used to purchase gift certificates or any "gift" of any nature.
What should I do if my Citibank Visa Procurement Card is lost or stolen?
  1. Immediately contact the Citibank Help Desk by calling 1-800-248-4553
  2. After reporting your issue to Citibank, please report the issue to Gerardina Paduano as well by phone at (631) 632-6017 or via e-mail at
I will be out of the office for an extended period of time, can my supervisor use my P-Card in my absence?
VISA Procurement Cards are issued to individual employees; the individual named on the face of the card is the only one authorized to use it. Sharing your P-Card and/or related passwords is strictly prohibited.
If you will be out of the office for an extended period of time, please e-mail Gerardina Paduano to request a temporary suspension.
Who should I contact if I do not recognize a transaction that has posted to my Citibank statement?
Cardholders are strongly encouraged to monitor their transactions (on the CitiManager site or on the SUNY web certification system). If you do not recognize the transaction:
  1. Contact the vendor using the phone number listed on the Citibank statement
  2. If you cannot identify the transaction or reach the supplier, please file a dispute with Citibank
How do I file a dispute?
  1. Contact Citibank by calling 1-800-248-4553 or by logging on to your Citibank profile via CitiManager and selecting the 'submit dispute' button on the statement next to the transaction
  2. After reporting your issue to Citibank, please advise Gerardina Paduano by phone or e-mail (631-632-6017 or
Should I certify the fraudulent charges on my statement?
All transactions must be reconciled/certified by the designated deadlines. Once Citibank has reviewed your dispute and investigated the charge, a credit will post to your statement. Both credits and debits must be certified.
What should I do if I am uncertain about whether or not a particular item can be purchased with my P-Card?
When in doubt, please contact your VISA Procurement Card Administrator ( or 631-632-6017)
What am I required to submit at the end of the billing cycle?
  1. Your original signed Statement Information Form (found at the end of the certification process by clicking CERT PRINT) signed by the cardholder and direct supervisor
  2. Your Citibank Cardholder Statement (found on the CitiManager website)
  3. All corresponding original receipts (referencing the vendor name, item(s) purchased, and cost)
  4. Justifications and supporting documents [required for any purchase including but not limited to those that may appear to be non-business (keep in mind that the specific nature of your department's business is not always discerned), food purchases, and/or memberships]
How do I change information related to my profile?
All changes to your P-Card profile must be made by your VISA Procurement Card Administrator, please call Gerardina Paduano at (631) 632-6017.