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Campus Wireless Equipment Policy

Wireless services are required by various employees in order to facilitate the needs of campus departments to fulfill the University's goals for excellence in education, healthcare and research. The Procurement Office has instituted the following campus policy for the establishment and payment of wireless services and equipment funded by the Research Foundation, State and Stony Brook Foundation:

  1. Under no circumstance should employees of Stony Brook University, using Research Foundation (RF), State or Stony Brook Foundation (SBF) funding, purchase telephone equipment, supplies or services at a local cellular service provider store or service center.
  2. All requests for new and upgraded cellular equipment (i.e. telephones, Blackberries, accessories, etc.) and services (i.e. rate plans) must be submitted on either an RF, State or SBF purchase requisition to the attention of John Mastromarino in the Procurement Office. John will obtain the best pricing from an approved State-contracted provider such as Cingular/AT&T, Sprint/Nextel or Verizon Wireless based on the equipment and plan that best suits your departmental needs.
  3. Campus departments are required to contact John Mastromarino at (631) 632-9779 prior to submitting a purchase requisition for the purchase of wireless equipment and upgrades.
  4. Monthly service fees paid by a State funded account can be processed for payment by either:
    1. Utilizing your university-issued procurement card. **Please send an email to Zulma Coffiner or call (631) 632-6012 so that we can note your payment method in our files.
    2. Submitting a "zero-dollar" hard-copy "paper" purchase requisition, each new fiscal year, with the following information noted in the body:
      • Wireless service provider (e.g. Nextel, Verizon Wireless, etc.) account number
      • Departmental user name
      • Departmental contact name and telephone number
      • Wireless telephone number
      • State account number
      Your requisition will be used for state account number reference and account signatory information only and will not result in an actual funding encumbrance. Wireless service charges will be paid against a master account and recharged back to your departmental account by the Accounting Department.

      Upon receipt of a wireless service provider invoice please provide the following on the invoice and forward it to the Procurement Office for payment processing:
      • State account number
      • Authorized departmental signature
  5. Monthly service fees paid either by the Research Foundation or the Stony Brook Foundation must be processed for payment by submitting either an RF or SBF purchase requisition to the Procurement Office to encumber a blanket purchase order for the fiscal year.
  6. Reimbursement of wireless service fees that currently exist on personal accounts and/or shared "family plans" will no longer be allowed. The Procurement Office will assist employees in establishing a business account that will be separate from the employee's personal account.
  7. Wireless equipment and services should be purchased at the discretion of campus departmental administrators (i.e. Deans, Chairs, Directors, et al) who, in turn, are responsible for ensuring and verifying that their employees are using the wireless services exclusively for business purposes. Personal use of University wireless equipment and services is strictly prohibited.
  8. If your wireless equipment requires repair and you have access to a University issued corporate credit card, you can utilize the corporate card to obtain the needed repair(s). If you do not have a corporate card, you must submit a purchase requisition to the attention of John Mastromarino in the Procurement Office in order to initiate repair process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact either John Mastromarino at (631) 632-9779 or Al DiVenuto at (631) 632-9838.

Department instructions are as follows:
To transfer liability from your personal phone or wireless device to Stony Brook University, the Research Foundation of the State of New York at Stony Brook or Stony Brook Foundation:
  1. Print out a copy of the Transfer of Billing Responsibilities Form (Download form below).
  2. Complete and sign the sections that read "Relinquishing Customer".
  3. Send this completed form to John Mastromarino - Contracts Officer, Procurement Office, Z=6000. John Mastromarino will have the "Organization Assumption of Liability" sections completed, signed by the Director of Procurement and will send the completed form to Verizon Wireless.
  4. John Mastromarino will then send the requesting department confirmation that the transfer has been completed.
  5. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact either John Mastromarino at (631) 632-9779 or Deborah Marcus at (631) 632-6286.
Transfer of Billing Responsibility Form
Download the Adobe Acrobat Version (in Adobe PDF format)(in MS Word DOC format)