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State Guidelines

In accordance with the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), Stony Brook has cancelled the State Citibank Travel Account known as the CTA. The Central Travel Account (CTA) has been cancelled effective April 30, 2014.

Effective 5/1/2014 there are two methods for State Employees purchasing State funded Airfare/Amtrak tickets with Euro Lloyd:

  1. Tickets may be purchased out of pocket and reimbursed on a travel voucher through the normal department approval process. When submitting a reimbursement request, proof of payment and a copy of the itinerary must be attached to the travel voucher.
  2. Tickets may be purchased using a State Individual Travel Account (ITA) through Euro-Lloyd, the State contracted Travel Agency. Approval to obtain an ITA will be based on your past travel history, and will require the approval of your Dean and/or area Vice President. The ITA will be issued in the employee's name, and the account number will b stored with Euro Lloyd in the Traveler's profile. This account can only be used for Individual business travel. For more information regarding the ITA account, contact Porshia Russell, Assistant Director, at 631-632-6019.
  3. Tickets needed for visitors, candidates and non-State employees, to be purchased through Euro-Lloyd. In order to purchase tickets for travelers to campus using State funds, a department must set up a Non-Employee Travel Account (NTA). This must be set up in the name of a State employee who would be able to purchase tickets for non-employee travel only, not for their individual use. Please contact Porshia Russell, Assistant Director, at 631-632-6019 for further information.
The process of purchasing Research Foundation funded Airfare/Amtrak tickets remains unchanged.

Effective April 1, 2015, the Office of the State Comptroller requires that all travel reimbursements be submitted within 30 days of the last day of travel. Receipts are required for all expenses except per diem meals when claiming receipted lodging

  • The actual expense for travel to and from a transportation terminal using commercial transportation (e.g. taxis and car service) is reimbursable.
  • The actual expense for personal car mileage to and from a traveler's home to a transportation terminal is reimbursable.
  • Travel Insurance is unallowable

When claiming breakfast and/or dinner on the last day of an overnight trip, travelers may claim the federal per diem for the area of assignment. Receipts are not required. E.g., if returning from Washington, D.C. the meal allowance would be $14 for breakfast and/or $55 for dinner determined by the time of return.

Unreceipted meal allowances for non-overnight travel are $5.00 for breakfast and $12.00 for dinner. Traveler may claim up to per diem of destination with a receipt. One day meals are reportable.

When staying overnight in New York State, hotel operators require travelers to provide the Exempt Certificate for Governmental Agencies to claim exemption from the occupancy tax (ST - 129).

Justification must be provided for over the max rates for lodging, and require the supervisor and account manager approval.

When personal vehicles are used for travel in lieu of an Enterprise rental car or common carrier, the traveler must provide a justification along with supervisor and account manager approval for selection of method of travel, and reasonableness of cost.

Justification for additional expenses related to airline travel such as excess baggage fees, and airline change fees will be required for reimbursement.

The complete State travel guidelines are available at

Changes to State Travel/Expense Reimbursements

Due to the implementation of SFS, (OSC's new State Financial system) all travel/expense reimbursements to New York State employees will be tied to their method of payment in the NY State payroll system.

  1. Employees that receive part or all of their pay in a check will continue to receive a check for their travel/expense reimbursements. The check will be mailed to the same address that appears on the employee's paycheck. Travel/expense checks will not roll into an employee's paycheck, separate checks will be issued.
  2. Employees who have their full paycheck directly deposited into one bank account will have their travel/expense reimbursements deposited into the same account. Travel/expense deposits will not roll into an employee's paycheck direct deposit; separate deposits will be made.
  3. Employees who have their paycheck direct deposit split against multiple bank accounts will have their travel/expense reimbursements deposited into the account where the balance/excess of their pay goes.

Employees will not receive any notification from the NYS Treasury that a direct deposit has occurred; they are advised to be aware of the forthcoming deposit based on travel/expense reimbursements submitted to the Procurement/Travel office.

Employee reimbursements for travel/expenses will be paid on an ongoing basis and will not be affected by the payroll schedule. Payments will be made on an ongoing basis as vouchers are submitted and processed.