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Car Rentals

New State Car Rental Contract

A new Passenger Vehicle Rental contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car has been released. This contract with Enterprise is valid for all rentals within New York State and the United States. There is one major difference in the contract. Due to a change in the New York State General Business Law, insurance is now automatically included in the rental rates.

Driver Protection Products: US/Puerto Rico/District of Columbia
DW: Full coverage with $0.00 deductable included in rate list.
Liability: 1,000,000.00 CSL included in rate list.

When booking with Enterprise, the Stony Brook corporate code JN0645 must be given to receive contract rates. These rates can be booked by calling the individual branch or toll-free number at (800) 736-8222 or by visiting Enterprise and entering the Stony Brook PIN: STO

For rentals within New York State, the traveler must submit proof of tax exempt status and a letter of authorization signed by the traveler's supervisor on agency letterhead advising that the traveler is renting for business purposes only. The dates of the rental should also be included.

Depending on the funding source, the renter must present the following:

AC-946 Tax Exemption Certificate
Research Foundation
ST119.1 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Non-Reimbursable Costs

According to State and Research Foundation travel guidelines, only LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is reimbursable when traveling on business, and renting from a non-contract car rental agency.

Any other type of insurance, including PAI (Personal Accident Insurance), will not be reimbursed when renting a car from either a contract or non-contract car rental agency.

Depending on the funding source, the traveler should rent in the name of the State or Research Foundation and sign as agent of the State or Research Foundation. This ensures that the traveler and State or Research Foundation are properly covered and eliminates any confusion regarding liability for coverage in the event of a claim.

Personal Use

When booking Rental Cars for personal use, the code JN0646 must be given to Enterprise. There are no tax exemptions.