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State Procurement


State operating funds and IFR funds are covered by the State Finance Law and Flexibility Legislation applicable to the State University. These laws and regulations apply to all University departments and activities using State Operating and IFR Funds. Following are specific requirements that apply to these funding sources.

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Purchase of Equipment, Supplies and Services

Estimated Cost: $0 - $50,000.00

  • 3 Quotes or Statement of reasonableness of price required (Price Justification)
  • Estimated order time: 1-5 days (Price Justification)

Estimated Cost: $50,001.00 - $125,000

  • Advertisement in NYS Contract Reporter
  • 3 Quotes or (Price Justification)
  • Estimated order time: 25 to 40 days

Estimated Cost: $125,000.01 - $250,000

  • Advertised in New York State Contract Reporter
  • Minimum of 5 sealed bids solicited by Purchasing
  • Estimate order time: 30 to 45 days

Estimated Cost: $250,000.01 and over

  • Advertisement in NYS Contract Reporter
  • Prior OSC for Service Contracts
  • Estimated order time: 45 and 120 days.
  • Minimum of 5 sealed bids solicited by Purchasing

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Statement of Reasonableness of Prices

Price justification can include, but is not limited to:

  • The Vendor's published price list;
  • Prior invoices from this vendor to other consumers;
  • Invoices or cost sheet from prior state contracts;
  • Comparisons to other vendors' prices for similar products/services;
  • Comparison to similar purchases by other campuses;
  • Historical cost or price comparison.

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Non-Competitive Procurement

State purchase of requirements exceeding $2,500 without competitive bidding may be made under the situations listed below only after approval is granted by the appropriate campus designee.

  1. Sole source, single source and/or proprietary purchase.
  2. Emergency purchase (unanticipated purchase required to protect personal safety, life or property).
  3. Small Business, New York State Certified M/WBEs.
  4. Centralized State Contracts.

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Food Payments/Reimbursement

DIFR, IFR, State and State Special Appropriation Accounts

Campus departments must follow these policies and procedures when they are either submitting a food catering order with a vendor or when faculty/staff are dining out for purposes directly related to University business.

Campus departments should notify the Procurement Office of any upcoming pre-planned conferences, meetings, seminars, and/or training sessions that will result in the submission of a request for payment of food to a vendor or the reimbursement of food purchases to an employee. Departments are strongly encouraged to hold these events on campus at campus meeting centers. Requests to hold conferences, meetings, seminars, and/or training sessions at an off-campus location should include a justification as to why it is necessary to hold the event at an off-campus venue. The Procurement Office will provide assistance in ensuring correct policies and procedures are followed.

The Procurement Office will not issue vendor payments or employee reimbursements (funded by DIFR, IFR, State, SUTRA and/or State Special Appropriation accounts) for food and/or beverages for members of the University faculty and staff when they are engaged in routine University business unless there are non-University guests present and the meeting is clearly for business.

Purchase Order Required for Catering Needs:

Campus departments must plan ahead and anticipate the need for food catering services. When the need arises, a requisition must be submitted in Wolfmart using the "non-catalog item" on the Wolfmart homepage. The University has contracted with Lackmann Culinary Services (Campus Catering through the Faculty Student Association) and Fratelli's Market Place as the preferred suppliers for catering services and they should be used whenever possible.

When anticipating your catering needs and preparing your requisition please keep in mind that your order should not exceed the established per-person meal rates of $14.00 for breakfast, $30.00 for lunch, and $57.00 for dinner. These rates are all-inclusive of meal and gratuity charges/tips. No payments for alcoholic beverages or New York State and local sales tax will be allowed.

All Wolfmart catering orders require submission of the following supporting documentation:

  1. A copy of the departmental event program and/or a detailed event description specifying the nature of the business being conducted and its benefit to Stony Brook University.
  2. A listing of each individual who will be in attendance and their relationship to the business being conducted. For events that will be open to the public and/or the student body, a general description of the attendees is required.

When dining out for University business purposes and short lead time does not allow for submission of a Wolfmart requisition for issuance of an advance purchase order, two options are available for vendor payment of dining costs:

  1. Direct Vendor Billing:
    If the dining establishment will allow for direct billing of the dining cost to the University, the campus department must submit a Wolfmart Non-Encumbered Payment Form along with the vendor's invoice as an attachment and a payment check will be issued to the vendor. When dining out please keep in mind your dining expenses should not exceed the established per-person meal rates of $14.00 for breakfast, $30.00 for lunch, and $57.00 for dinner. These rates are all-inclusive of meal and gratuity charges/tips. No payment for alcoholic beverages will be allowed. As an agency of New York State, Stony Brook University will not pay New York State and local sales tax. A tax exempt certificate must be presented for all food purchases.
  2. Employee Reimbursement:
    If the dining establishment requires payment at the time of service, an employee must pay "out of pocket" for the dining cost and seek reimbursement. The employee must submit a "paper" purchase requisition to the Procurement Office for reimbursement of dining expenses. An original, itemized receipt (i.e. receipt with detailed food/beverage purchase information) must be submitted for reimbursement. Only original itemized receipts will be accepted. Credit card receipts, credit card statements or photocopied receipts will not be accepted for reimbursement. The Procurement Office will reimburse employees for the actual receipted amount, not to exceed the local, per person per diem rate of $14.00 for breakfast $30.00 for lunch and $57.00 for dinner. The per diem rate is all-inclusive of meal charges and gratuity charges/tips. Reimbursement requests for alcoholic beverage purchases will not be processed. As an agency of New York State, Stony Brook University will not reimburse for New York State and local sales tax. A tax-exempt certificate must be presented for all food purchases. Any amount exceeding these allowable rates will be considered a personal "out-of-pocket expense" and will not be reimbursed.
  3. Please note that for each of the above two options the following information must be submitted with your documentation:

    1. A copy of the departmental event program and/or a detailed event description specifying the nature of the business being conducted and its benefit to Stony Brook University.
    2. A listing of each individual who was in attendance and their relationship to the business being conducted.
    3. Justification as to why a purchase order could not be secured in time before the event.


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Corcraft is the New York State preferred source vendor for furniture. They manufacture a variety of quality office furniture at reasonable prices.

Corcraft provides a wide variety of file cabinets and seating choices. Catalogs are available from Michele Rindos in the Procurement Office or from Corcraft's Sales Rep., Jimmy Rochilla who can be reached at (631) 761-2454 (office) or (516) 852-1992 (cell).

Additional information can be obtained from Corcraft's web site at:

State funded furniture purchases exceeding $2,500.00 require a formal written Corcraft release. The information required for obtaining the release should include the reason for purchasing from another brand, (i.e. matching existing furniture or time line requires a fast turn around), a list of item numbers that are being proposed for purchase, and photographs of each of item to be purchased. Email required information to Michele Rindos or faxed with the E-Rec number to (631) 632-2281.

If you need further assistance with Purchasing please contact Michele Rindos at (631) 632-6071.

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Blanket Order Request

State funded Blanket Order encumbrances must be estimated for an entire fiscal year and must be submitted for each vendor. When State funded Blanket Order requests exceed $2,500.00, all appropriate SUNY Procurement procedures must be followed

Blanket Order requests should be for annual expenditures with a specific vendor; not for one-time purchases.

Blanket Order requests should not be made for Hosted or Punch-out vendors in the Wolfmart Showcase.

Blanket Order requests for any type of food purchases will not be processed.

Blanket Orders for all services must utilize the Service Contract form; not the Blanket Order form.

All Blanket Order requests will require end users to enter a Cost Receipt to confirm that goods have been received.

All State funded Blanket Orders will be automatically terminated on June 30th.

Supporting Documentation must be attached (i.e. Quotes, Justifications)

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Petty Cash Reimbursement

Reimbursements to individuals not exceeding $250 can be obtained directly through the Bursar's office for purchase of most commodities. Some restrictions apply. Call Purchasing or the Bursar's office for further information.

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Guidelines to Petty Cash Reimbursement System


Allowable Purchases

  1. Office supplies
  2. Postage/Air freight/Shipping
  3. Scientific supplies
  4. Electro/mechanical supplies
  5. Computer supplies
  6. Maintenance supplies
  7. Automotive supplies
  8. Lumber/hardware supplies
  9. Instructional supplies
  10. Emergency medical/dental
  11. Books

Non-Reimbursable Purchases

  1. New York Sales Tax
  2. Food / beverages
  3. Travel related expenses
  4. Advertisements
  5. Overtime meals
  6. Registration/membership fees
  7. Magazine subscriptions
  8. Parking violation and towing fees
  9. Service maintenance fees
  10. Office decorations
  11. Deposits of any kind

All other questionable requests for reimbursement should be forwarded to the Purchasing Department on a State Requisition for review and normal processing.

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Telephone: (631) 632-6010 Fax: (631) 632-6462


Karin Waslo
Manager-State Commodities
(631) 632-6057

Major Commodity/Equipment Purchases

Dorothy Klevanosky
(631) 632-6059

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Automotive Supplies/Repairs, Construction Equipment/Supplies, Electrical/Electronic Equipment/Supplies, Machinery and Supplies, Maintenance/Power Plant Equipment/Supplies, Power/Hand Tools, Major Equipment Purchases, University Police/Fire Safety

Michele Rindos
(631) 632-6071

Athletic Equipment/Supplies, AV Equipment/Supplies, Flooring Purchase/Installation, Clothing, Drapes/Blinds, Fine Arts Equipment/Supplies, Furniture, Library Equipment/Supplies, Photographic Equipment/Supplies, Promotional Items, Signs, Uniforms, Food Purchase ( $0 - $20,000)

Rebecca Kim
(631) 632-9308

Computer/Communication Equipment, Security Systems, Books

Irene Wagner
(631) 632-1087

Construction Equipment/Supplies, Custodial Equipment/Supplies, Dental Equipment/Supplies, Laboratory Equipment/Supplies, Landscape Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, DLAR Equipment/Supplies Animal Supplies, Major Equipment Purchases

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