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Office Supplies

Stony Brook's office suppliers are OfficeMax and Proftech (a Staples diversity partner). They are both under New York State contract and accessible, via punch-out catalogs, in Wolfmart.
Wolfmart should be used for all State and Research Foundation funded purchases. Both suppliers provide discount pricing for contractual and non-contractual items. Purchases using Stony Brook Foundation funds can be made via as well as
The minimum order requirement for Proftech and OfficeMax is $50 and both supply a standard 24-48 hour desktop delivery.
When additional assistance is required, the customer service information listed below can be utilized to process returns, track orders, etc. Please provide order # and any other pertinent information available.
NYS contract # PC63828
Contact: OfficeMax Teal Group at 1-877-430-4282 8a.m.-8p.m. Monday-Friday
OfficeMax Account Manager: Angela LaManna, 516-474-4698 or
Proftech/Staples Advantage:
NYS contract#PC63830
Contact: Proftech customer service team at 631-632-4545, 8a.m to 8p.m. Monday to Friday
Proftech/Staples Advantage Senior Account Manager: Tony Montanaro, 1-800-950-1257 ext. 4655 or
Procurement Office Supply Contacts:

Sherrell Cordova 631-632-7065 State and RF