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NYS/Citibank Visa Procurement Card


Making Your Purchase

All purchases must be in accordance with NYS Procurement Card Guidelines, SUNY and Campus Policy. All prices must be reasonable.

Do not split an order into more than one transaction to remain within your per transaction limit.

Supply sources should be given the following priority:

  • Preferred Sources *
  • Centralized commodity (State P-Contracts) *
  • Open market purchases

(* Check the Procurement Webpage for information on P-Contracts & Preferred Sources)

Cell Phone purchases/service requires supervisor approval and approval from:

John Mastromarino
Contracts Officer
Phone: (631) 632-9779.

Seminars and conferences fees require prior approval from your supervisor as well. Check with your supervisor to determine which purchases are subject to prior approval.

Be sure to stay within your per transaction limit. Standard limit is $2,500 per transaction.

Identify yourself as a New York State Employee.

Notify the vendor that the purchase is tax exempt and provide the NYS Tax Exempt Number (14740026K). The vendor may require you to provide a NYS Tax-Exempt Certificate.

Make sure you provide the vendor with a ship to location, if the item is not being delivered directly to your office, and you are having it delivered through Central Receiving, make sure that your name, dept. and phone number appear on the package. The vendor will not have a P.O. # so they should mark the package “Procurement Card,” (with no account number showing) so that the receiving staff can deliver it to you.

You must obtain a receipt for every purchase. The receipt should have the vendor name, description of the item (s) purchased and the amount.

The cardholder is required to notify the vendor of any problems or discrepancies with an order and make arrangements for the return of the merchandise and/or credit to their account. Citibank requires the cardholder to notify them about any such disputes by completing the Citibank Government Cardholder Dispute Form and faxing it to them.

Do Not Use Your Card For:

  • Do not use your Procurement card to purchase Amazon Prime memberships.
  • Personal Use
  • ATM transactions
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cash advances
  • Cash back on purchases/refunds
  • Gasoline purchases
  • Purchases or Memberships at Warehouse Clubs (such as BJ’s, Costco etc.)
  • Medical provider services
  • Non-employee compensation (e.g. payment to consultants or guest speakers)
  • Gift certificates, gifts for any occasion, greeting cards etc.
  • Rents (e.g. lease on building space)
  • Do not purchase flowers, floral arrangements, or gift baskets to send to employees, students & their families.
  • Do not make charitable donations, or political contributions.
  • Do not purchase space heaters.
  • No Travel/entertainment industry transactions (e.g. airlines, hotels, car rentals, restaurant, dinner/sightseeing cruises, golf, Broadway shows, limos, taxis, airport shuttles, etc.) under any circumstance, for yourself, any staff member, guest speaker, or consultant.
  • Do not hold any reservations with the card.(All travel is paid and/or reimbursed through the Travel Office, all entertainment is paid and/or reimbursed through Procurement not on this card)

Property Control/Equipment Purchases

Equipment purchases made with the Visa Procurement card fall under Campus/SUNY/NYS Property Control guidelines. Decals must be obtained from the Property Control Office for all equipment purchases over $500 (University Hospital cardholders cannot purchase computer equipment on their card unless they have approval to purchase computer equipment from UH IT). The cardholder is responsible for obtaining a decal by sending Property Control, the necessary information, (copy of invoice, budget number, location of equipment, building, room, phone number and contact person). You can obtain the Property Control form on the Procurement webpage, under forms, then click on Property Control, then select the Card Purchase Guidelines form. The Office of the State Comptroller and Stony Brook’s Internal Audit Department make periodic audits of Procurement Card equipment purchases, thus it is important that cardholders comply with all Property Control policies. Property Control contact is Alba Beltran at (631) 632-6306.

Certification Responsibilities

Cardholders must certify their statements on SUNY/AEPC each month that billable charges or credits are posted to their card. Cardholders who fail to certify will have their Visa card suspended. Cardholders who do not comply will be required to attend additional training, in order to have their card reinstated.

Documentation Requirements

Cardholders must go on the Citidirect website to access and printout their monthly statement. Citibank will not be mailing out any statements. Cardholders must obtain a vendor receipt for each purchase. The cardholders are required to send their monthly statement with all receipts attached to the Procurement Office after they have completed their certification on SUNY/AEPC. Justifications will also be required for certain purchases (e.g. a list of attendees and an agenda for catering transactions, the purchase of flowers for an official university event). Please note limited catering for some “Special Official University Events” that are not ordinary business is allowed, but must be done on campus through Campus Dinning Services, all detailed justifications are required. No parties or gifts; the card cannot be used as a department “slush fund”. The Visa Procurement card is a New York State program falling under SUNY and Office of the State Comptroller audit guidelines, you may be asked to justify any transaction that is deemed to be out of the ordinary.

Supervisor Review and Signature on Visa Card Statement

The cardholder’s supervisor must review the monthly card statement and receipts and sign the Visa card statement before it is sent to Procurement. The supervisor must ensure that all transactions were for the official duties of the cardholder and were in accordance with the Stony Brook University/NYS/Citibank Procurement Card Guidelines. The supervisor will ensure that the cardholder abides by security policies as well as applicable requirements related to certification/reconciliation and documentation of all P-card purchases.

Cardholders who fail to meet the certification deadline and/or the documentation requirements will have their cards suspended without further notice. The card will not be reinstated until all documents are received in Procurement.

Important Details

  • Don’t lend your Procurement Card or give the number to anyone. Know where your card is. Keep it in a secure place.
  • Do not share any passwords related to your card or the online certification.
  • Check to see that your budget account has sufficient funds to cover your purchases.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately to Citibank Visa and your Program Administrator.

Key Contact Numbers

Deborah Satornino
Program Administrator
Research & Development Park, Z-6000
Phone: (631) 632-6017

Citibank Customer Service

DoIT - SUNY/AEPC password info/reset (631) 632-9800