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The Campaign for Stony Brook will propel the University to a future that goes FAR BEYOND.
Nov. 21, 2015)


President Stanley urges the community to "Get your flu shot."
(Oct. 23, 2015)


President Stanley delivers the State of the University Address.
(Sept. 16, 2015)


President Stanley welcomes you to Stony Brook University.
(Sept. 4, 2015)


Stony Brook University 55th Annual Commencement - Presidential Address.
(May 22, 2015)


Ready for the Future: Stony Brook University celebrates our mission of excellence and discovery.
(April 23, 2015)


Mentoring Excellence: Simons Summer High School Research Program.
(March 6, 2015)


Stony Brook University's Discovery Prize is awarded to early career scientists exploring the big ideas In basic research.
(April 2, 2015)


President Stanley in coversation with My Long Island TV journalists Waldo Cabrera and Josh Wein.
(Feb. 24, 2015)



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