Strategic Planning

A formal institutional strategic plan is a critical component of Stony Brook University’s Project 50 Forward initiative and will set forth the institution’s long- and short-term plans for addressing the three critical pillars of Academic Greatness, Operational Excellence and Building for the Future.

Specifically, the Strategic Plan will help us to:

  • Evaluate our strengths and weaknesses
  • Fine-tune and focus our mission
  • Inform and guide budget priorities and allocations
  • Identify common themes that can support interdisciplinary studies
  • Improve the diversity of our faculty and staff
  • Develop measures of accountability
  • Identify advancement and fundraising opportunities

The following individual strategic plans reflect the vision of the academic and administrative leaders who submitted them, along with each area’s proposed needs for enhanced growth and quality. Various components of these plans will serve as the foundation for the development of SBU’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan, which will be made available to the campus Community in the form of a draft for public review and feedback. Until then, inquiries about any of the plans below should be directed to the leadership of the respective college or department which drafted and submitted the plan.

College of Arts and Sciences:

CAS Departments (pdf)

CAS Centers and Institutes (pdf)

CAS portfolio (pdf)

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (pdf)

College of Business (pdf, ppt)

International Academic Programs (pdf)

Libraries (pdf)

School of Dental Medicine (pdf)

School of Health Technology and Management (pdf)

School of Journalism (pdf)

School of Medicine (pdf)

School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (pdf)

School of Nursing (pdf)

School of Professional Development (pdf)

School of Social Welfare (pdf)

Student Experience (pdf)