Presidential Mini-Grants for Departmental Diversity Initiative

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Past Winners

Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Recognizing Diversity: The LBGTQ Experience in Communities of Color Associate Professor Tracey Walters Africana Studies
Cross-Cultural Studies of Asian & Asian American Groups on Long Island Lecturer Peggy Spitzer Christoff Asian & Asian American Studies
Initiate Success in the American Workplace (Isaw) (a career development project for international students) Dr. Alfreda S. James Career Center
Performing Musical Diversity Assistant Professor Margarethe Adams Department of Music
The First Available Dental Appointment is Next Year… Dr. Annie Rohan School of Nursing

Mentoring African Americal Male PhD Scholars in STEM: lessons learned from 15 yeears of community support through the Center for Inclusive Education

Ms. Toni Sperzel The Center for Inclusive Education
FLEX: Formative Learning Experiences Mr. Francisco Colon EOP/AIM
Interactive Musical Concerts for US Military Veterans in LIS Verterans Home Assistant Professor Keith Johnston Health Sciences, Music, Psychology Departments
You Can Play Initiative Ms. Donna M. Woodruff Athletics
Mindfulness and Diversity: A Research Forum to Enhance Awareness and Improve Minority Health at Stony Brook and Beyond Assistant Professor Crystal M. Fleming Sociology
Diversity Certificate Program: Developing Student, Faculty and Staff Multicultural Competency Mr. Jeffrey Barnett Office of Dean of Students ODAA, SSW, Multicultural Affairs
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Mysterious Lake Asst. Professor Izumi Ashizawa Theatre Arts
New Latino Cinema Ms. Madeline Del Toro Cherney Anthropology
An Oral History Archive of Africana Studies At SUNY: A "Political Education" in the Empire State Asst. Professor Abena Asare Africana Studies
Colloquium Series on African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) Professor Lori Repetti Linguistics
Activism & Leadership Against the Oppression of Women Clinical Assoc. Professor Carolyn Peabody, Ph.D. School of Social Welfare
Increasing Diversity in Health Care through Community Engagement Assoc. Professor Carlos Vidal School of Health Technology & Management
Bridging the Gap: Interethnic Vision in Asian American and European American Migratory Narratives Professor Mary Jo Bona & Assoc. Professor E.K. Tan Cultural Analysis and Theory
Promoting Diversity in Health Professions through Awareness and Mentorship with Underserved High School Students Clinical Asst. Professor Mary G. Flanagan Physician Assistant Education
Seawolves Step Up Ms. Christine Szaras, MS Center for Prevention and Outreach
Explore History: Objects from Asia Ms. Jinyoung Jin Conferences & Special Events
Giving Voice to the Veteran Experience
Assoc. Professor Roger Thompson 
Writing and Rhetoric

Project Crossroads: iCafe - Developing a Shared Space for Providing and Promoting Support Toward More Effective Transition and Success for International Students

Ms. Zorammawii Ralte & Ms. Katherine Kaiser Student Orientation and Family Programs & Undergraduate Colleges
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
PWR Reading Series Mr. Kevin Clouther Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Exploring Clinical Laboratory Sciences through Hands-on Experience for HCARE students (formerly HCOP) during the 2013 Summer Academy

Clinical Asst. Professor Jeannie Guglielmo Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Diversity Needed in Healthcare Professions Clinical Assoc. Professor Kathleen Finnegan Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Module in Inter-professional Skills Training in Diversity (MIST-D) Dr. Lee Anne Xippolitos & Dr. Latha Chandran School of Nursing and School of Medicine
Vets-4-Vets Mr. Ismael Rodriguez Office of Veterans Affairs
Recruitment of Women in BME through Mentored Asst. Professor Christine DeLorenzo Psychiatry and Behavioral Science

Interschool Council on Undoing Racism Skill and Theory Labs for the Social Work Profession: Organizing for a Stronger Anti-Racist Lens in Our Education

Ms. Bertha Murphy School of Social Welfare
Stony Brook FORWARD - Focus on Resources for Women's Advancement, Retention, and Development Ms. Patricia Aceves The Faculty Center, TLT

Broadening the Scope of Student Support and Development for Under-represented and Minority Students in the School of Nursing: A Collaborative Effort

Ms. Heather-Ayn Indelicato Counseling and Psychological Sciences and School of Nursing
Improving translation Services for Spanish-Speaking Patients at SBUH Clinical Asst. Professor Eva Swoboda Obstetrics & Gynecology and Emergency Medicine
Racialized Representation of Genger in Spain and Latin America Asst. Professor Lena Burgos-Lafuente Hispanic Languages and Literature

Use of Clinical Training Videos to Promote Cultural Competence and Patient Sensitivity among Medical and Other Health Professional Students

Ms. Perrilynn Baldelli Office of Minority and Students Affairs, School of Medicine
Marvels and Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics and Graphic Novels, 1942-1986 Ms. Janet H. Clarke Libraries
Program suspended    
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Chemistry: A Bridge to Medicine Professor Roy Lacey Chemistry
Communication Interprofessional Teamwork Initiative (CITI): New Health Professional Cultural Competency Interdisciplinary Curriculum Model  Mr. Howard Schneider, Dean School of Journalism
Academic and Social Experiences of SBU students across their First Year of College Professor Sheri R. Levy Psychology in collaboration with the Career Center and Academic Advising
Paul Robeson: A celebration in tragedy Professor Nicholas Rzhevsky; Professor Stephen Marsh Theater Arts and Department of European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Creating an LGBTQ - Friendly Educational Experience for Students: Development of an online awareness Training Program Professor Joanne Davila Psychology
"Passing Along Dare to Care" Ms. Cheryl D. Hamilton and      Ms. Stephanie Jarrett EOP/AIM
"Open Yuh Mout' an' (S)tory Jump Out": Narratives & Perceptions of Carribbean Immigrants and their Descendants in the Context of Stony Brook University and New York Professor Dawn Harris Africana Studies
Girl Power in Science and Engineering Professor Monica F. Bugallo Electrical and Computer Engineering
Teaching and Assessing Cultural Competency Using Objective Structured Teaching Exercises: Training the Trainer Professor Elza Mylona Preventive and Internal Medicine
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Center for Inclusive Education Resarch Symposium:  Celebrating Diversity and Academic Excellence in Graduate Education Professor David L. Ferguson Center for Inclusive Education, a division of the Graduate School and member of STEM SMART in the Department of Technology & Society
Engineering Boot Camp  Professor Imin Kao College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS)
A Career Path for African American Students from HBCUs to Brookhaven National Laboratory  Professor Robert C. Liebermann, Ms. Gabriel Gwanmesia and Professor Lars Ehm Geosciences and Mineral Physics Institute
Enhancing recruitment and retention of female students in BE programs in Engineering Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Professor Gary P. Halada Materials Science and Engineering 
Gateway to the Museum of Long Island Natural Sciences Professor Marvin H. O'Neal III Undergraduate Biology
Students Empowered by Embracing Diversity Professor Aldustus E. Jordan, III School of Medicine
Stony Brook University Campus Pride Initiative:  Creating a Safe and Caring Learning Environment for Stony Brook's LGBTQ Community Ms. Christine Tanaka Center for Prevention and Outreach
WISE - Mentor Program Ms. Carrie Anne Miller WISE Program
Program suspended    
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Adapted Aquatics Inclusion Initiative Professor Peter Angelo ATEP, Adapted Aquatics, and ER Program
Addressing Diversity dialogues across Disciplines Professor Dorit Kaufman & Professor Ximena Zate Linguistics
2003-2004 * 2004-2005 *
2005-2006 * 2006-2007
Program suspended    
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Medical Students Learning Spanish:A Follow-Up Study Professor Catherine Belling w/ Dr. Jack Coulehan Preventive Medicine
Web-based Curriculum Resource Center for Multicultural Diversity Requested for Academic Year-2003-2004 Professor Dorit Kaufman, Ms. Janice Grackin, Professor Elaine Hoffman & Mr. Paul St. Denis Professional Education Program, CELT and Library
Expanding NYC University/High School Partnerships Professor Helen Lemay History
Two-Day Conference on Bodies, Languages and Memory Dr. Benigno Trigo Hispanic Languages and Literature
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
ESL Tutoring Center Professor Marianne Catalano & Professor Barbara Brownworth Linguistics
Promoting Cultural Competency Utilizing Practitioner, Client & Student Interactive Forums Professor Beverly P. Horowitz Occupational Therapy
Creating a Mindful & Emotionally Competent Community Professor Daniel Klein & Dr. JoAnn Rosen & Dr. Cheryl Kurash Psychology and University Counseling Center
Making New Mirrors for Reclaiming the Public History of Angel Island by Publishing a Multi-Media Research Project in a Museum Kiosk Bridging Asian American Studies from San Francisco to Long Islang Professor Gary Mar Philosophy
Diversity Education Library Professor William McAdoo & Mr. David Scarzella African Studies and Campus Residences
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Acculturation & Interculturation of a New Pluralist Drama Professor Phillip Baldwin Theatre Arts
Integrating Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Issues into Mainstream Psychology Teaching Professor Marvin R. Goldfried Psychology
Proposal for a Retreat on Cross-Cultural Relations Professor Norman Goodman & Ms. Cheryl Chambers Sociology and Office of the Dean of Students
Promoting Student Leadership & Social Responsibility through Service Learning Professor Gregory A. Ruf SSI and Anthropology
The Theatre Arts Encounters and Cultural Diversity Project Professor Michael X. Zelenak Theatre Arts
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Advocacy in Action for Children & Family Professor Joan F. Kuchner SSI
Partners in Health and Higher Education Professor Helen Lemay History
Lecture Series on Diversity, Intergroup Relations, & Prejudice: Psychological Perspective Professor Sheri R. Levy w/ Professor Arthur Aron Psychology
Arts of the Atlantic World Professor Nicholas D. Mirzoeff Art 
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Increasing Cultural Awareness Through Faculty/Student Role Modeling Professor Kenneth Axton Jr. Respiratory Sciences and Engineering
Opportunities in Thermal Spray Technology to Encourage Diversity Mr. Tyrone Bennett w/ Dr. Herb Herman Materials Sciences and Engineering
Dialogues on Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Co-Sponsored Curriculum-Based Undergraduate Lecture/Performance Arts Series Professor Harvey Cormier w/ Professor Gary Mar Philosophy
A Multicultural Training Project in Mauritius Professor Donna Costa Occupational Therapy (SHTM)
Opportunities for Minority Students to Learn Phlebotomy An Entry Level Health Care Profession Professor Kathleen Finnegan Clinical Laboratory Sciences (SHTM)
Women's Studies Pilot Project for the Academic Component of a Youth Leadership Institute Professor Temma Kaplan Women's Studies
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Spanish for Medical Students Professor John L. Coulehan w/ Ms. Catherine Belling Preventive Medicine
PROJECT ODED-Opportunities in Dentistry to Encourage Diversity Professor Jonathan Garlick School of Dental Medicine
A Safe Place Ms. Joanna Harris Disabled Student Services
Ocean & Atmospheric Science Summer Fellows Program Dr. Sergio Sanudo-Wilhelmy Marine Sciences Research Center
Stony Brook Union Art Gallery - Celebration of Diversity Exhibitions Ms. Marcia Wiener Student Union and Activities
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Contemporary African Art & Criticism Professor Barbara E. Frank Art 
Stimson College International Studies Living Learning Center Ms. Becky Verzinski Department of Residential Programs
Dept. Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Summer Apprenticeship Professor Eckard Wimmer Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Supporting Diversity Through Computer Based Peer Tutorials Professor Michael Zweig Economics
Title of Mini-Grant Project Coordinator Department
Organizing a Cultural Diversity Program at the Harriman School Professor Subimal Chatterjee w/ Ms. Laura Courtney Harriman School for Management and Policy
Latin Americanist Undergraduates: From Lounge into Community Professor Paul Gootenberg History
Retheorizing Classical Theory Professor Michael Kimmel Sociology
Diversity Peer Education Ms. Lisa A. Pierce Residential Programs