"Umbilic Torus" Sculpture Dedication

To the Campus Community:

On behalf of Stony Brook University, please join me on Thursday, October 25th at 6 pm in the Math/Physics Plaza as I welcome Jim and Marilyn Simons and celebrated sculptor and mathematician Dr. Helaman Ferguson for the dedication of his piece "Umbilic Torus" to the Stony Brook University community.

Commissioned by Jim and Marilyn Simons through the Simons Foundation, Umbilic Torus is described as a celebration of the fusion of mathematics and art; a 24-foot high, nearly 10-ton bronze magnum opus that took Ferguson nearly two years to complete and involved a crew of over a dozen artists, engineers, programmers and welders.

The concept for the piece was suggested to the Simons by Tony Phillips of the Mathematics Department (while he was chairing the Art Department on an interim basis) to serve as an elegant gateway to the nearby Simons Center for Geometry and Physics.

Following the dedication ceremony there will be a reception and lecture on the mathematics behind the art presented by the husband and wife team of Helaman and Claire Ferguson in the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics. All members of the Stony Brook University community are encouraged to attend.

For more information about the dedication of the sculpture, visit http://scgp.stonybrook.edu

I hope to see you there.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.
President, Stony Brook University