Project 50 Forward Update


First of all, I want to thank you for your continued collaboration on Project 50 Forward, and the Operational Excellence effort. We are in the midst of developing a very powerful diagnostic on Stony Brook’s operations, which will equip the Steering Committee to launch a series of initiatives to improve our effectiveness and efficiency. I would also like to urge you to encourage your teams to participate in two important initiatives we are launching this week as part of the diagnostic: the organizational assessment and a survey of University-wide IT activity.

The organizational assessment will give us an unprecedented view on the activities and functions performed by our people across the university. This effort was launched this week with a series of training sessions for VP coordinators and other department personnel. This process will require input from a large number of people in your areas, and we are hoping to have the data collected by August 20.

We are also launching an IT survey to develop a better understanding of our IT landscape. As you know, the deployment and maintenance of technology on our campus takes the combined efforts of our centralized DoIT group, as well as the diligent efforts of many within your own departments. This effort will be critical for us to get this full picture and enable our goal of continuous improvement in the area of IT.

We are holding a training session on Monday, August 16 to facilitate completion of the IT survey. The VP coordinators have been asked to submit the names of up to three individuals per department who will be invited to the training and asked to complete the survey. Please support them in identifying the right individuals for this effort. The goal is not to have every person involved performing IT functions complete the survey, but to have representation from each department which has IT functions to coordinate completion of the survey on behalf of their department by August 23. I would ask that you highlight the importance of this effort to those selected for participation.

I know you and all of your team members are working hard as we prepare for the beginning of the next academic year, but this process is vital to Project 50 Forward. So, I greatly appreciate all of your help to ensure participation and cooperative engagement from your departments on both of these important efforts.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.