Statement on New Campus Safety Law

Stony Brook University applauds any initiative that helps keep our students safe, including the recent passing of a stronger “Campus Safety Act.” In fact, Stony Brook already does what is mandated in this important bill. Stony Brook University protocol, under the Office of Student Affairs, is that our local law enforcement agency is immediately notified upon receiving any report of violent felony, missing students or sexual harassment.

The local law enforcement agency for Stony Brook University is The State University of New York at Stony Brook Police Department (UPD) comprised of sworn officers recognized by the State of New York. The UPD is a fully accredited law enforcement agency oriented to serve the needs of our campus community.

Our University Police Department routinely goes above and beyond what is mandated in this important new law with regard to reporting a missing student. In fact, the Police will commence an immediate preliminary investigation (earlier than the prescribed time frame), which includes canvasing the student's residence hall and other locations. Should a preliminary search be unsuccessful, the UPD Duty Chief,our VP for Student Affairs, and representatives from Campus Residence are notified, and all law enforcement agencies throughout the state are notified via a shared database.

Student Affairs, when receiving a report of violent felony or sexual assault, contacts the University Police Department, which begins an immediate investigation. Again, UPD is the local law enforcement agency referenced, so a notification or report to UPD is responsive in terms of this new law, and immediately initiates an investigation.

It may be helpful to know that institutions of higher education, including Stony Brook University, are required by federal law to publicly disclose campus crime and fire statistics under what is known as “The Clery Act.” Stony Brook University’s most recent Clery report (2013) is available online at

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.