Presidential Mini-Grant Program:
Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Diversity Initiatives

General Background 
The Departmental Diversity Initiatives Mini-Grant seeks to encourage faculty to promote diversity through the development of new academic initiatives. Projects will involve students who stimulate departmental colleagues to confront a problem or issue of diversity within the context of that department's particular needs. Many faculty have had ideas about projects worth funding that would foster greater understanding of diversity issues as they pertain to fields of academic inquiry had there been sufficient resources. The specific nature of the Departmental Diversity Initiatives should be determined by departmental needs. Two or more departments may collaborate and share a mini-grant. They may include curricular innovations, faculty development, or student projects. While the Selection Committee encourages departments to range as freely and as imaginatively as possible in framing proposals, there are some guidelines they should bear in mind. Only departments or programs are eligible to submit applications; an individual faculty member should be identified as project coordinator. Recipients of this award are not eligible to apply again until three years after the award. The maximum amount of a mini-grant is $10,000; there is no minimum.

Application Process 
Applications will be reviewed by a faculty Diversity Mini-Grant Review Committee. Selections are made based on the potential of the project to ensure that the University continues to provide invaluable educational experiences for today's diverse student body. The committee requests that the department submit a two-page description of the project, the name of a project coordinator within the department, and a precise statement of the department's anticipated costs. Please specify concisely the goals of the department's proposed program, particularly noting the ways in which the project contributes to the learning experience of your students and colleagues. Departments whose programs are funded are expected to submit a report to the committee upon completion of their initiatives, evaluating their effectiveness in meeting the stated goals. 

An application should be accompanied by a completed cover page. 

The proposal should include:

  1. The problem/ issue to be addressed.
  2. How the members of the department and students will be involved (both required).
  3. The expected outcome(s) of the initiative.
  4. A proposed budget covering project costs.

Deadline: February 22, 2011 with cover sheet

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Please submit applications to: 

Office of the President
310 Administration
Zip- 0701

(Note: If grant is submitted by the chairperson then it must be signed by the Dean)


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