Prof. Leonie Huddy featured in WalletHub's study examining 2015's most and least patriotic states.

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Five new Stony Brook University Political Science Ph.D. graduates land tenure track job placements.

(l-r: Yamil Velez, Julie Wronski, Lilliana Mason, Karyn Amira and April Johnson)

Five Ph.D. students

picture of Raynee Gutting and Patrick Lown


Yamil Velez, 2015 PhD, has accepted a tenure track appointment at Wesleyan University. 

Julie Wronski, 2014 PhD, has accepted a tenure track appointment at the University of Mississippi.

Lilliana Mason, 2013 PhD, has accepted a tenure track appointment at the University of Maryland.  

Karyn Amira, 2015 PhD, has accepted a tenure track appointment at the College of Charleston.

April Johnson, 2014 PhD,, has accepted a tenure track appointment at Kennesaw State University.

Raynee Gutting, 2015 PhD,, visiting assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University.

Patrick Lown, 2015 Ph.D. University of Essex as a Research Fellow in the Department of Government and Lab Manager for ESSEX Lab.

Congratulations to all seven. Over the past 6 years 100% of our PhD graduates have been hired in academic appointments! For more on our placement record:

STONY BROOK IS ON A ROLL AT THE APSR. Three recently accepted articles by Stony Brook faculty, graduate students, and PhD graduates.  

Barabas, Jason, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey. 2015. “The Question(s) of Political Knowledge.” American Political Science Review.
Ben-Nun Bloom, Pazit, Arikan, Gizem, and Courtemanche, Marie. ForthcomingReligious Social Identity, Religious Belief, and Anti-Immigration Sentiment. American Political Science Review.

Huddy, Leonie, Lilliana Mason, Lene Aaroe. Forthcoming.“Expressive Partisanship: Campaign Involvement, Political Emotion, and Partisan Identity.” American Political Science Review.

NEW FACULTY HIRES:  Eight new faculty members have joined the Department of Political Science. This wave of hiring builds on our strengths in political psychology, American politics, behavioral political economy, and political methodology and re-establishes Stony Brook as a leader in these fields. Please visit the links of our new faculty.

September 2013: Jason Barabas (American politics, political psychology, political and experimental methodology), Peter Descioli (behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, and experimental methods), and Jennifer Jerit (political psychology, American politics, and experimental methods).

September 2014: Harsh Bhasin (Comparative politics), Andrew Delton (behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, and experimental methods), Yanna Krupnikov (American politics, political psychology, political and experimental methodology), Michael Peress (American politics, political methodology), and John Ryan (American politics, behavioral economics, and experimental methods).


Department of Political Science 2014 Newsletter (click here to read)


 Take a look at our Ph.D. Job Placements. More than 75% of our Ph.D's are now in academic Positions.

How does our Ph.D. department rank in the Nation?

SBU Political Science in the News!

Former Graduate Students, Marykate Lizotte and Andrew Sidman in New York Times

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