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Dated: March 5th, 1997

Issued by:
Office of Administration
PR-152, April 1976
July, 1993
September, 1993

The Physical Plants through the Lock Shops and the Lock and Key Control Committee are responsible for managing lock and key control for University facilities. The Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services will appoint the Lock and Key Control Committee to act as an advisory group on locks and other security systems. The Physical Plants are the only departments authorized to issue, install, maintain, repair and replace locks, lock cores and keys throughout campus.

Departments requiring keys must submit a Physical Plant Work Request to the appropriate Lock Shop; these keys are the responsibility of the department head. Departments are responsible for costs associated with installation and replacement of keys and locks. Department heads are required to obtain employee signatures when keys are issued or returned; reviews of departmental records are conducted by the Lock Shops. Upon separation from the University, the employee is required to return all assigned keys to the department; issuance of the final paycheck will be delayed until the keys are returned.

High risk departments may be granted specific authorization by The Department of Public Safety to install security systems. To insure prompt and appropriate campus response to intrusion alarms, all remote alarm systems must be connected directly to the on-campus central alarm station located at the Department of Public Safety. The system may be connected to off campus locations in addition to the campus alarm.

Unauthorized use or duplication of a key by an employee may result in a recommendation for disciplinary action.

Unauthorized access or use of keys by students is prohibited by the Student Conduct Code Section B.1 [d].

GRAND MASTER keys may only be issued to individuals with the approval of the Assistant Vice President for facilities and Services.


When assigned keys are lost or stolen the employee must immediately notify the supervisor, who shall report the loss to the Department of Public Safety and the appropriate Lock Shop. Locks and cores will be changed upon department's request or at the recommendation of the Lock and Key Control Committee. In the event that a key is lost due to staff negligence, the individual will be responsible for the replacement cost.
Contracts for security systems such as intrusion alarms, computer and CCTV systems that require installation independent of the Lock Shops must be approved by the Department of Public Safety prior to purchase The Department of Public Safety surveys locations to be secured and provides needs assessment surveys to be included in department specifications to vendors. All systems that generate alarm signals must be connected to the Campus Central Station and monitored by the Department of public Safety. The system may be connected to a central station off campus only in addition to the on-Campus connection. (see USB Procedure; Installation of Security Devices on Campus)
The cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of locking or security devices that are not part of the University's system are the sole responsibility of the requesting departments (e.g., Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety). If entry devices are not supplied, damage incurred to gain entry during and emergency will be repaired at the expense of the department responsible for that area. Authorization for such devices and systems must have prior approval from the Department of Public Safety.


Lock Shop, West Campus
Physical Plant
(631) 632-6407

Lock Shop, East Campus
Room 040, Health Sciences Center
(631) 444-1959 ( Primary Line )
(631) 444-1913

Director: Residential Operations
Campus Residences: G Quad Offices
(631) 632-6750

Director: Physical Plant
Long Island State Veterans Home
(631) 444-8780

Office of the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services
Room 225, Administration Bldg.
(631) 632-6340

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